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Free project management software

Free project management software

  • ProjectLibre
    ProjectLibre is an open source, freely available project management software system intended ultimately as a standalone replacement for Microsoft Project.
  • Bugzilla
    Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License.
  • TaskJuggler
    TaskJuggler is GPL-licensed (free software) project management software that runs under the Linux and Unix operating systems and is programmed in C++ using the Qt toolkit and KDE libraries.
  • XMind
    XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming software, developed by XMind Ltd.
  • Redmine
    Redmine is a free and open source, web-based project management and issue tracking tool.
  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware or simply Tiki, originally known as TikiWiki, is a free and open source Wiki-based content management system and online office suite written primarily in PHP and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license.
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
    Mantis Bug Tracker is a free and open source, web-based bug tracking system.
  • GanttProject
    GanttProject is GPL-licensed (free software) Java based, project management software that runs under the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Savane (software)
    Savane is a free web-based software hosting system.
    GNATS is the GNU project's issue-tracking software.
  • Web2project
    web2project is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language Project Management application.
  • OpenProj
    OpenProj is an open source project management software application.
  • Tryton
    Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpose computer application platform on top of which is built an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution through a set of Tryton modules.
  • Calligra Plan
    Calligra Plan (formerly KPlato) is a project management application that can create Gantt-style charts and is part of Calligra Suite – formerly included with KOffice.
  • Feng Office Community Edition
    Feng Office Community Edition (formerly OpenGoo) is an open source collaboration platform developed and supported by Feng Office and the OpenGoo community.
  • OpenProject
    OpenProject is a web-based project management system for location-independent team collaboration.
  • The Bug Genie
    The Bug Genie is free and open source, web-based project management and bug tracking system.
  • Celtx
    Celtx (/ˈkɛltᵻks/) is media pre-production software, designed for creating and organizing media projects like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, audio plays, documentaries, machinima, comics, games and podcasts.
  • Phabricator
    Phabricator is a suite of web-based software development collaboration tools, includingthe Differential code review tool,the Diffusion repository browser, the Herald change monitoring tool,the Maniphest bug tracker andthe Phriction wiki.
  • GitLab
    Originally "GitLab" referred to a free repository manager.
  • Endeavour Software Project Management
    Endeavour Software Project Management is an open-source solution to manage large-scale enterprise software projects in an iterative and incremental development process.
  • LibrePlan
    LibrePlan is a free software web application for project management, developed by the Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia, dependent of the Ministry of Industry of the Xunta de Galicia.
  • Apache Allura
    Apache Allura is an open-source forge software for managing source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs and more for any number of individual projects.
  • Project.net
    Project.net is an open source, enterprise scale project management application for Microsoft Windows and Unix operating systems.
  • Apache Bloodhound
    Apache Bloodhound is an open source web-based project management and bug tracking system.
  • Open Workbench
    Open Workbench is a free project management software focused on scheduling.
  • Kallithea (software)
    Kallithea is a cross-platform free software source code management system, the primary goal of which is to provide a repository hosting service with features for collaboration, such as forking, pull requests, code review, issue tracking etc.
  • Roundup (issue tracker)
    Roundup is an open-source issue or bug tracking system featuring a command-line, web and e-mail interface.
  • Tuleap (project management)
    Tuleap is a project management system for managing application lifecycles, Agile development and design projects, V-model, Requirement Management, IT Services Management, and so on.
  • DotProject
    dotProject is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language project management application.
  • Agilo for Trac
    Agilo for Trac (formally known as Agilo for Scrum) is an open source, web-based Scrum tool to support the agile Scrum software development process.
  • FusionForge
    FusionForge is a free software application descendant of the forge (web-based project-management and collaboration software) originally created for running the SourceForge.
  • Kune (software)
    Kune is a free/open source distributed social network focused on collaboration rather than just on communication.
  • GForge
    GForge is a free software fork of the web-based project-management and collaboration software originally created for SourceForge, called Savane.
  • Collabtive
    Collabtive is a web-based project management software published as free software.