Foot muscles

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  • Extensor digitorum brevis muscle
    The extensor digitorum brevis muscle (sometimes EDB) is a muscle on the upper surface of the foot that helps extend digits 2 through 4.
  • Lumbricals of the foot
    The lumbricals are four small skeletal muscles, accessory to the tendons of the flexor digitorum longus and numbered from the medial side of the foot; they arise from these tendons, as far back as their angles of division, each springing from two tendons, except the first.
  • Extensor hallucis brevis muscle
    The extensor hallucis brevis is a muscle on the top of the foot that helps to extend the big toe.
  • Flexor hallucis brevis muscle
    The Flexor hallucis brevis arises, by a pointed tendinous process, from the medial part of the under surface of the cuboid bone, from the contiguous portion of the third cuneiform, and from the prolongation of the tendon of the Tibialis posterior which is attached to that bone.
  • Dorsal interossei of the foot
    In human anatomy, the dorsal interossei of the foot are four muscles situated between the metatarsal bones.
  • Plantar interossei muscles
    In human anatomy, plantar interossei muscles are three muscles located between the metatarsal bones in the foot.
  • Quadratus plantae muscle
    The quadratus plantae (flexor accessorius) is separated from the muscles of the first layer by the lateral plantar vessels and nerve.
  • Abductor hallucis muscle
    The abductor hallucis muscle is an intrinsic muscle of the foot.
  • Abductor digiti minimi muscle of foot
    The abductor digiti minimi (abductor minimi digiti, abductor digiti quinti) is a muscle which lies along the lateral (outer) border of the foot, and is in relation by its medial margin with the lateral plantar artery, vein and nerves.
  • Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
    The flexor digitorum brevis lies in the middle of the sole of the foot, immediately above the central part of the plantar aponeurosis, with which it is firmly united.
  • Adductor hallucis muscle
    The Adductor hallucis (Adductor obliquus hallucis) arises by two heads—oblique and transverse and is responsible for adducting the big toe.
  • Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle (foot)
    The Flexor digiti minimi brevis (Flexor brevis minimi digiti, Flexor digiti quinti brevis) lies under the metatarsal bone on the little toe, and resembles one of the Interossei.