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FIFA World Cup referees

FIFA World Cup referees

  • Pierluigi Collina
    Pierluigi Collina (Italian pronunciation: [ˌpjɛrluˈiːdʒi kolˈliːna]; born 13 February 1960) is an Italian former football referee.
  • John Langenus
    John Langenus (born 9 December 1891,Antwerpen, Belgium; died 1 October 1952 Antwerpen) was a Belgian football referee, who officiated for FIFA in three World Cup competitions, including the first ever Final match in 1930.
  • Shamsul Maidin
    Shamsul Maidin (born 16 April 1966) is a Singaporean association football referee.
  • Hellmut Krug
    Hellmut Heinz Krug (born 19 May 1956 in Gelsenkirchen) is a retired German football referee.
  • Bernd Heynemann
    Bernd Reinhold Gerhard Heynemann (born 22 January 1954 in Magdeburg) is a former German football referee and now a German politician.
  • Terje Hauge
    Terje Hauge (born 5 October 1965 in Bergen, Norway) is a Norwegian football referee from the club Olsvik IL.
  • Joël Quiniou
    Joël Quiniou (born November 17, 1950) is a former football (soccer) referee from France.
  • Urs Meier
    Urs Meier (born January 22, 1959 in Würenlos, Aargau) is a retired Swiss football referee.
  • Valeri Butenko
    Valeri Pavlovich Butenko (Russian: Валерий Павлович Бутенко; born July 16, 1941) is a retired Soviet midfielder and football referee.
  • Paul Durkin
    Paul Anthony Durkin (born 15 August 1955) is an English former football referee, who retired in 2004.
  • Roberto Rosetti
    Roberto Rosetti (born 18 September 1967 in Turin, Piedmont) is a former Italian football referee.
  • Massimo Busacca
    Massimo Busacca (born 6 February 1969 in Bellinzona) is a Swiss former football referee.
  • Graham Poll
    Graham Poll (born 29 July 1963) is an English former football referee in the Premier League and is considered the best English referee of the last 25 years in a list maintained by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).
  • Myroslav Stupar
    Myroslav Ivanovych Stupar (Ukrainian: Мирослав Іванович Ступар; Russian: Мирослав Иванович Ступар; born August 27, 1941 in Stanislav) is a former Soviet goalkeeper and football referee from Ukraine.
  • Abraham Klein (referee)
    Abraham Klein (Hebrew: אברהם קליין‎‎), (born March 29, 1934) is a Romanian-born Israeli former international football referee.
  • Anders Frisk
    Anders Frisk (born 18 February 1963) is an insurance agent by trade and a former football referee.
  • Jack Taylor (referee)
    (For other people named Jack Taylor, see Jack Taylor (disambiguation).) John Keith "Jack" Taylor, OBE (21 April 1930 – 27 July 2012) was an English football referee, famous for officiating in the 1974 FIFA World Cup Final during which he awarded two penalties in the first 30 minutes.
  • Károly Palotai
    Károly Palotai (born 11 September 1935 in Békéscsaba) is a former Hungarian association football player and referee.
  • Adolf Prokop
    Adolf Prokop (born February 2, 1939), is a former football referee from East Germany.
  • Helmut Kohl (referee)
    Helmut Kohl (8 February 1943 – 26 September 1991) was a football referee from Austria.
  • Alberto Tejada Noriega
    Alberto Tejada Noriega (born 11 November 1956 in Lima, Peru) is the incumbent Peruvian Minister of Health.
  • George McCabe
    George McCabe (born 13 March 1922, Sheffield, Yorkshire; died January 2001) was an English association football referee, who officiated at the 1966 World Cup and in an FA Cup Final.
  • Clive Thomas
    Clive Thomas (born 27 June 1936) is a Welsh former football referee, who operated in the English Football League and for FIFA during his career.
  • Michel Vautrot
    Michel Vautrot (born October 23, 1945 in Saint-Vit, Doubs) is a retired football (soccer) referee from France.
  • Paolo Casarin
    Paolo Casarin (born 12 May 1940 in Mestre) is a retired football referee from Italy.