Experimental particle physics

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    The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) is a software environment used to develop and implement distributed control systems to operate devices such as particle accelerators, telescopes and other large experiments.
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
    SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, originally named Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, is a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Stanford University under the programmatic direction of the U.
  • VMEbus
    VMEbus (Versa Module Europa bus) is a computer bus standard, originally developed for the Motorola 68000 line of CPUs, but later widely used for many applications and standardized by the IEC as ANSI/IEEE 1014-1987.
  • Cherenkov radiation
    Cherenkov radiation, also known as Vavilov–Cherenkov radiation, is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium.
  • Geant4
    Geant4 (for GEometry ANd Tracking) is a platform for "the simulation of the passage of particles through matter," using Monte Carlo methods.
  • ROOT
    ROOT is an object-oriented program and library developed by CERN.
  • Cross section (physics)
    The cross section is an effective area that quantifies the intrinsic likelihood of a scattering event when an incident beam strikes a target object, made of discrete particles.
  • Herwig Schopper
    Herwig Franz Schopper, (born on 28 February 1924) is an experimental physicist and was the Director General of CERN from 1981 to 1988.
  • Christopher Llewellyn Smith
    Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith FRS (born 19 November 1942) completed his D.
  • Stephen Myers
    Stephen Myers FREng (born 3 August 1946) is an electronic engineer who works in high-energy physics.
  • OpenScientist
    OpenScientist is an integration of open source products working together to do scientific visualization and data analysis, in particular for high energy physics (HEP).
  • Léon Van Hove
    Léon Charles Prudent Van Hove (Brussels, 10 February 1924 – Geneva, 2 September 1990) was a Belgian physicist and a former Director General of CERN.
  • Lund string model
    In particle physics, the Lund string model is a phenomenological model of hadronization.
  • AIDA (computing)
    Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis (AIDA) is a set of defined interfaces and formats for representing common data analysis objects.
  • Java Analysis Studio
    Java Analysis Studio (JAS) is an object oriented data analysis package developed for the analysis of particle physics data.