Evidence-based medicine

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  • Medical guideline
    A medical guideline (also called a clinical guideline, clinical protocol or clinical practice guideline) is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare.
  • Guidelines International Network
    The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) is an international scientific association of organisations and individuals interested and involved in development and application of evidence-based guidelines and health care information.
  • Precision medicine
    Precision medicine (PM) is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices, and/or products being tailored to the individual patient.
  • Natural Standard
    Natural Standard is an international research collaboration that systematically reviews scientific evidence on complementary and alternative medicine.
  • German Agency for Quality in Medicine
    The German Agency for Quality in Medicine (AEZQ) - in German "Ärztliches Zentrum für Qualität in der Medizin (ÄZQ)", established in 1995 and located in Berlin, co-ordinates healthcare quality programmes with special focus on evidence-based medicine, medical guidelines, patient empowerment, patient safety programs, and quality management.
  • Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare
    Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) is a coalition of consumer groups interested in evidence-based healthcare.
  • Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen
    The ZEFQ - Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen (English: The Journal of Evidence and Quality in Health Care) is a bilingual German and English language peer-reviewed medical journal published by Elsevier Germany.
  • Evidence-Based Mental Health
    Evidence-Based Mental Health is a quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal covering all aspects of mental health.
  • Gordon Guyatt
    Gordon Henry Guyatt, OC FRSC (born 1953) is a Canadian physician and Distinguished University Professor in the Departments of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Archie Cochrane
    Archibald Leman Cochrane (12 January 1909 – 18 June 1988) was a Scottish doctor noted for his book Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services.
  • Likelihood ratios in diagnostic testing
    In evidence-based medicine, likelihood ratios are used for assessing the value of performing a diagnostic test.
  • Norwegian Electronic Health Library
    The Norwegian Electronic Health Library (Helsebiblioteket.no), established 2006, is a publicly funded web based knowledge service that provides Norwegian health workers with access to updated professional information and clinical decision tools.
  • Andrew Herxheimer
    Andrew Herxheimer (4 November 1925 - 21 February 2016) was a German-born British clinical pharmacologist.
  • German Network for Evidence Based Medicine
    The German Network for Evidence based Medicine (in German: Deutsches Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin DNEbM) is a scientific nonprofit association of individuals and institutions promoting the quality of patient care and disease prevention by applying the principles of evidence-based healthcare (EbHC) - in special dentistry (EbD), medicine (EbM), nursing (EbN), pharmacy, physiotherapy - in the countries of German language.
  • Peter Pronovost
    Peter J. Pronovost is an intensive care specialist physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
    The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) based at New Radcliffe House in the University of Oxford is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the practice, teaching and dissemination of high quality evidence-based medicine to improve healthcare in everyday clinical practice.
  • David Sackett
    David Lawrence Sackett, OC FRSC (November 17, 1934 – May 13, 2015) was an American-Canadian medical doctor and a pioneer in evidence-based medicine.
  • SABRE Research UK
    SABRE Research UK is a British charity raising awareness of the need to remove bias from the conduct and scientific evaluation of animal research.