Ethnic groups in Egypt

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  • Nubians
    The term Nubian describes an ethnic group that originated in modern-day Sudan and Egypt.
  • History of the Jews in Egypt
    Egyptian Jews constitute both one of the oldest and youngest Jewish communities in the world.
  • Ababda people
    The Ababda or Ababde – the Gebadei of Pliny, and possibly the Troglodytes of other classical writers – are nomads living in the area between the Nile and the Red Sea, in the vicinity of Aswan in Egypt and north Sudan.
  • Magyarab people
    The Magyarab are a people living along the Nile River in Egypt and Sudan.
  • Bedouin
    (Not to be confused with Bedoon (ethnicity) or Baudouin of Belgium.)("Bedu" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Biduiyeh, Sirjan.) The Bedouin (/ˈbɛdᵿ.ɪn/; Arabic: بَدَوِي badawī) are an Arab semi-nomadic ethnic group, descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian deserts.
  • Greeks in Egypt
    There has been a large community of Greeks in Egypt, also known as Egyptiotes (Greek: Αιγυπτιώτες), from the Hellenistic period until the aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, when most were forced to leave.
  • Zabbaleen
    The Zabbaleen (Egyptian Arabic: زبالين‎‎ Zabbalīn, IPA: [zæbbæˈliːn]) is a word which literally means "garbage people" in Egyptian Arabic.
  • Beja people
    The Beja people (Arabic: البجا‎‎) are an ethnic group inhabiting Sudan, as well as parts of Eritrea, Egypt, and the Eastern Desert.
  • Turks in Egypt
    Egyptian Turks also referred to as Turco-Egyptians or Egyptian Turkoman, (Turkish: Mısır Türkleri) are Egyptian citizens of Turkish descent, who have been living in the Egypt since the Turkish Mamluks and continue to live there.
  • Japanese people in Egypt
    There is a small community of Japanese people in Egypt, mainly of expatriates from Japan.
  • Italian Egyptians
    Italians in Egypt, also referred to as Italian Egyptians, are a community with a history that goes back to Roman times.
  • Kouloughlis
    Kouloughlis, also spelled Koulouglis, Cologhlis and Qulaughlis (from Turkish kuloğlu "children of servants" or "children of slaves", from kul "servant/slave" + oğlu "son of") was a term used during the Ottoman period to designate the creole offspring of usually Turkish men and local Berber or Arab women in the Barbary coast, a region situated in the western and central coastal regions of North Africa.
  • Pakistanis in Egypt
    Pakistanis in Egypt consist of migrants and expatriates from Pakistan in Egypt and their descendants.
  • Lebanese people in Egypt
    The Lebanese people of Egypt are people from Lebanon or those of Lebanese descent who live or have lived in the country of Egypt.
  • El homaydat
    The El homaydat are a tribe Hawara tracking and tracing Bandar Qena has a population of more than 75000.
  • Filipinos in Egypt
    Filipinos in Egypt consist of migrant workers in a variety of sectors, as well as a smaller number of international students.
  • Koreans in the Arab world
    Koreans in the Arab world used to form a major part of the worldwide Korean diaspora.
  • Circassians in Egypt
    The Circassians in Egypt refers to people of present-day Egypt who descended from Circassians, the European ethnic group native to Northwest Caucasus (today Russia).
  • Hedareb people
    The Hedareb or T'bdawe are a Beni-Amer division, a subgroup of the Beja.
  • Palestinians in Egypt
    Palestinians in Egypt refers to the Palestinian refugees who fled to Egypt during the 1948 Palestine war, and their descendants, as well as Palestinians expelled from Jordan, following the events of Black September.
  • Romani people in Egypt
    Romani people in Egypt speak the Domari language.
  • Copts in Egypt
    Copts in Egypt may refer to people born in or residing in Egypt of full or partial Coptic origin.
  • Bisharin tribe
    The Bisharin are an ethnic group inhabiting Northeast Africa.
  • Malays in Egypt
    Malays in Egypt make up a part of the overseas Malay population.
  • Britons in Egypt
    The community of Britons in Egypt includes British expatriates in Egypt, as well as Egyptian citizens of British descent.
  • Maltese in Egypt
    The Maltese of Egypt, also known as Egyptian Franco-Maltese, are an ethnic minority group in Egypt.
  • Albanians in Egypt
    The Albanian community in Egypt started by Ottoman rulers and military personnel appointed in the Egyptian province.
  • Sa'idi people
    A Ṣa‘īdi (Arabic: صعيدى‎‎) is a person from Upper Egypt (Arabic: صعيد مصر‎‎ Ṣa‘īd).
  • Chinese people in Egypt
    Chinese people in Egypt form one of the smaller groups of overseas Chinese; however, they are a very diverse community with a history reaching back for over a century.
  • Egyptian Americans
    Egyptian Americans are Americans of Egyptian ancestry.
  • Indians in Egypt
    There is a small community of Indians in Egypt includes Indian expatriates in Egypt, as well as Egyptian citizens of Indian origin or descent.