English theologians

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  • Richard Swinburne
    Richard G. Swinburne (/ˈswɪnbərn/; born 26 December 1934) is a British philosopher.
  • Richard Rolle
    Richard Rolle (1290/1300– late September 1349) was an English hermit, mystic, and religious writer.
  • Paul Fagius
    Paul Fagius (1504 – 13 November 1549) was a Renaissance scholar of Biblical Hebrew.
  • Robert Pullen
    Robert Pullen (died 1146) was an English theologian and official of the Roman Catholic Church, often considered to be one of the founders of Oxford University.
  • Ralph Radyn
    Ralph Radyn DD (aka Radulph Radyn) was an English medieval theologian and university chancellor.
  • Ralph Shaa
    Ralph Shaa (died 1484), (sometimes erroneously called John Shaa), was a 15th-century English theologian, the half-brother of the Lord Mayor of London, Edmund Shaa.
  • Richard Knowling
    Canon Richard Knowling, DD (1851 – 4 July 1919) was the Chaplain of King's College London, Canon of Durham and Professor of Divinity at Durham University.
  • Walter Richard Cassels
    Walter Richard Cassels (4 September 1826 in London – 10 June 1907) is the speculated author of the anonymous work Supernatural Religion.
  • Hadrian à Saravia
    Hadrian à Saravia, sometimes called Hadrian Saravia, Adrien Saravia, or Adrianus Saravia (1532 – 15 January 1612) was an English prebend and theologian and a member of the First Westminster Company, charged by James I of England to produce the King James Version of the Bible.
  • Miles Smith (bishop)
    Miles Smith (1554, Hereford – 1624, Gloucester) was a scholar, theologian, and bibliophile.
  • Nigel de Wavere
    Nigel de Wavere DD (also Waver, Wavery, or Waure) was an English medieval theologian, churchman, college fellow, and university chancellor.
  • Nicholas Lash
    Nicholas Langrishe Alleyne Lash (born 1934) is an English Roman Catholic theologian.
  • Whitlock Nicoll
    Whitlock Nicoll or Nicholl (1786–1838) was an English physician.
  • Adam Marsh
    Adam Marsh (Adam de Marisco) (c. 1200 – 18 November 1259) was an English Franciscan, scholar and theologian.
  • Joseph Mede
    Joseph Mede (1586 in Berden – 1639) was an English scholar with a wide range of interests.
  • Henry Chadwick (theologian)
    Henry Chadwick, KBE, FBA (23 June 1920 – 17 June 2008) was a British academic and Church of England priest.
  • John Brown (writer)
    John Brown BA DD was a British theologian, historian, and pastor.
  • John Brown Paton
    John Brown Paton (1830 – 1911) was a Scottish Congregationalist minister, college head and author.
  • John Hoppus
    The Rev. John Hoppus LL.
  • John Hutchinson (writer)
    John Hutchinson (1674 – 28 August 1737) was an English theological writer.
  • John Jackson (controversialist)
    John Jackson (1686–1763) was an English clergyman, known as a controversial theological writer.
  • John Rainolds
    John Rainolds (or Reynolds) (1549 – 21 May 1607) was an English academic and churchman, of Puritan views.
  • John Trapp
    John Trapp (5 June 1601, in Croome D'Abitot – 16 October 1669, in Weston-on-Avon), was an English Anglican Bible commentator.
  • Paul Fiddes
    Paul Stuart Fiddes (born 30 April 1947) is a British Baptist theologian.
  • Israel Tonge
    Israel Tonge (11 November 1621 – 1680), aka Ezerel or Ezreel Tongue, was an English divine and an informer in the "Popish" plot.
  • Everard Digby (scholar)
    Everard Digby (born c. 1550) was an English academic theologian, expelled as a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge for reasons that were largely religious.
  • Julius Hare
    Julius Charles Hare (13 September 1795 – 3 January 1855) was an English theological writer.
  • Keith Ward
    Keith Ward, FBA (born 22 August 1938) is a British philosopher, theologian, priest and scholar.
  • Isaac of Stella
    Isaac of Stella, also referred to as Isaac de l'Etoile, (c. 1100, in England – c. 1170s, Étoile, Poitiers, Poitou, France) was a monk, theologian and philosopher.
  • Edward Higgins
    Edward John Higgins (26 November 1864 – 14 December 1947) was the third General of The Salvation Army (1929–1934).
  • Robert Winchelsey
    Robert Winchelsey (or Winchelsea; c. 1245–1313) was an English Christian theologian and Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Lansdown Guilding
    The Reverend Lansdown Guilding (9 May 1797 – 22 October 1831) was a theologian and early naturalist.
  • Evangeline Booth
    General Evangeline Cory Booth, OF, (December 25, 1865 – July 17, 1950) was the 4th General of The Salvation Army from 1934 to 1939.
  • Alexander Whitaker
    Alexander Whitaker (1585–1617) was an English Christian theologian who settled in North America in Virginia Colony in 1611 and established two churches near the Jamestown colony, and was known as "The Apostle of Virginia" by contemporaries.
  • Peter Vardy (theologian)
    Peter Vardy (born 1945) is a British academic, philosopher, theologian and author.
  • William Gurnall
    William Gurnall (1616 – 12 October 1679) was an English author and clergyman born at King's Lynn, Norfolk, where he was baptised on 17 November 1616.
  • Anthony Terill
    Father Anthony Terill (born 1623, Canford, Dorset, England – died 11 October 1676, Liège (present-day Belgium) was an English Roman Catholic Jesuit theologian. Born in 1623 as Anthony Bonville to a Catholic mother and a Protestant father, in his 15th year, he was received into the Roman Catholic Church and left England, taking the surname Terill. He studied for about three years at the English College of St. Omer, and then began his studies for the priesthood at the English College, Rome, where he was ordained on 16 March 1687. Two months later he entered the Jesuit novitiate at St Andrea.After his noviceship, he was successively penitentiary at Loreto, professor of philosophy at Florence, professor of philosophy and scholastic theology at Parma, director of theological studies and profess
  • Daniel Whitby
    Daniel Whitby (1638–1726) was a controversial English theologian and biblical commentator.
  • Francis Chenevix Trench
    Francis Chenevix Trench (1805–1886) was an English divine and author.
  • George Hakewill
    George Hakewill (1578 or 1579 – 1649) was an English clergyman and author.
  • Arthur Nock
    Arthur Darby Nock (21 February 1902 – 11 January 1963) was an English classicist and theologian, regarded as a leading scholar in the history of religion.
  • Arthur Peacocke
    The Reverend Canon Arthur Robert Peacocke MBE (29 November 1924 – 21 October 2006) was a British Anglican theologian and biochemist.
  • Stephen Sykes
    Stephen Whitefield Sykes (1 August 1939 – 24 September 2014) was a Church of England bishop and academic specialising in divinity.
  • Charles E. Raven
    Charles Earle Raven (4 July 1885 – 8 July 1964) was an English theologian, Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge.
  • Peter Sterry
    Peter Sterry (1613–1672) was an English independent theologian, associated with the Cambridge Platonists prominent during the English Civil War era.
  • William Darrell (Jesuit)
    William Darrell (b. 1651, in Buckinghamshire, England; d. 28 February 1721, at St. Omer's College, France) was an English Jesuit theologian and writer.
  • William Gresley (divine)
    William Gresley (16 March 1801 – 19 November 1876) was an English divine.
  • William Ince (theologian)
    William Ince (1825–1910) was a British theologian.
  • Henry Hammond
    Henry Hammond (18 August 1605 – 25 April 1660) was an English churchman.
  • Henry Holden
    Henry Holden (1596 – March 1662) was an English Roman Catholic priest, known as a theologian.
  • Henry Nutcombe Oxenham
    Henry Nutcombe Oxenham (15 November 1829 – 23 March 1888) was an English ecclesiologist, theologian, author and translator.
  • Henry Rose (priest)
    Henry John Rose (1800–1873) was an English churchman, theologian of High Church views, and scholar, who became archdeacon of Bedford.
  • Francis Fox (divine)
    Francis Fox (1675–1738), was an English divine.
  • Hezekiah Burton
    Hezekiah Burton (1632–1681) was an English theologian.
  • Nathan Wetherell
    Nathan Wetherell D.
  • Nathaniel Lardner
    Nathaniel Lardner (6 June 1684 – 24 July 1768) was an English theologian.
  • Richard of Ilchester
    Richard of Ilchester (died 22 December 1188), also called Richard of Toclyve or Richard of Toclive, was a medieval English statesman and prelate.
  • Robert Ellis (academic)
    Robert Anthony Ellis (born 24 August 1956) is the Principal of Regent's Park College, Oxford, England.
  • Robert Forman Horton
    Robert Forman Horton (18 September 1855 - 1934), British Nonconformist divine, was born in London.
  • Robert Moberly (priest)
    Robert Campbell Moberly (26 July 1845 – 8 June 1903) was an English theologian and the first Principal of St Stephen's House, Oxford (1876–1878).
  • Peter Heylin
    Peter Heylin or Heylyn (29 November 1599 – 8 May 1662) was an English ecclesiastic and author of many polemical, historical, political and theological tracts.
  • Richard Sibbes
    Richard Sibbes (or Sibbs) (1577–1635) was an Anglican theologian.
  • Herbert McCabe
    Herbert John Ignatius McCabe, OP (2 August 1926 – 28 June 2001) was an English-born Irish Dominican priest, theologian and philosopher, who was born in Middlesbrough in the North Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Clement Rogers
    Clement Francis Rogers (1866 – 23 June 1949) was an English theologian, who was professor of pastoral theology at King's College London.
  • Jeremy Taylor
    Jeremy Taylor (baptised 15 August 1613 – 13 August 1667) was a cleric in the Church of England who achieved fame as an author during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.
  • Alexander Nowell
    Alexander Nowell (c. 1517 – 13 February 1602) was an English Protestant theologian and clergyman.
  • Arthur Bury
    Arthur Bury, D.D.
  • Arthur Headlam
    Arthur Cayley Headlam CH (2 August 1862 – 17 January 1947) was an English theologian who served as Bishop of Gloucester from 1923 to 1945.
  • Derrick Sherwin Bailey
    Derrick Sherwin Bailey (30 June 1910 – 9 February 1984) was an English Christian theologian, born at Alcester in Warwickshire, whose 1955 work Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition paved the way for the production of the 1957 Wolfenden report and for the Parliament of the United Kingdom's decriminalization of homosexuality in England and Wales a decade later.
  • Edward Cardwell
    Edward Cardwell (1787 – 23 May 1861) was an English theologian also noted for his contributions to the study of English church history.
  • Edward Burrough
    Edward Burrough (1634–1663) was an early English Quaker leader and controversialist.
  • Edward Copleston
    Edward Copleston (1776 – 14 August 1849) was an English churchman and academic, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford from 1814 til 1828 and bishop of Llandaff from 1827.
  • Edward Evanson
    Edward Evanson (21 April 1731 – 25 September 1805) was a controversial English clergyman.
  • James Egan Moulton
    James Egan Moulton (4 January 1841 – 9 May 1909) was an English-born Australian Methodist minister and headmaster and school president.
  • Samuel Newman
    Samuel Newman (May 10, 1602 – July 5, 1663) was a clergyman in colonial Massachusetts whose concordance of the Bible, published first in London in 1643, far surpassed any previous work of its kind.