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English literature

English literature

  • English studies
    English study is an academic discipline that includes the study of literatures written in the English language (including literatures from the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and the Middle East, among other areas), English linguistics (including English phonetics, phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, and stylistics), and English sociolinguistics (including discourse analysis of written and spoken texts in the English language, the history of the English language, English language learning and teaching, and the study of World Englishes).
  • Nymphomation
    Nymphomation is a novel by British author Jeff Noon, first published in 1997.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, often referred to as just Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, is an absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy by Tom Stoppard, first staged at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1966.
  • Euphuism
    Euphuism is a peculiar mannered style of English prose.
  • Roman de Rou
    Roman de Rou is a verse chronicle by Wace in Norman covering the history of the Dukes of Normandy from the time of Rollo of Normandy to the battle of Tinchebray in 1106.
  • Nonsense
    Nonsense is a communication, via speech, writing, or any other symbolic system, that lacks any coherent meaning.
  • Victorian literature
    While in the preceding Romantic period poetry had been the dominant genre, it was the novel that was most important in the Victorian period.
  • Sputnik Caledonia
    Sputnik Caledonia (2008) is a novel by Andrew Crumey, for which he won the Northern Rock Foundation Writer’s Award.
  • Raymond Wilson Chambers
    Raymond Wilson Chambers (12 November 1874 – 23 April 1942) was a British literary scholar, author, and academic; throughout his career he was associated with University College London (UCL).
  • Songs of Blood and Sword
    Songs Of Blood And Sword is a book of memories of Fatima Bhutto that she wrote.
  • Romantic literature in English
    Romanticism was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century.
  • Merrie England (Robert Blatchford book)
    Merrie England is an influential collection of essays on socialism by Robert Blatchford under the pseudonym "Numquam", published in 1893.
  • Mobius Dick
    Mobius Dick (2004) is a novel by Andrew Crumey.
  • The Chaucer Review
    The Chaucer Review: A Journal of Medieval Studies and Literary Criticism is an academic journal published by the Penn State University Press.
  • Writing War
    Writing War: Fiction, Gender, & Memory is a 1991 text on women authors, war stories, and literary criticism by American professor Lynne Hanley.
  • Alicia Nitecki
    Alicia Nitecki /ni'tetski/, (born January 2, 1942) is an American author and professor of English Literature at Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Twentieth-century English literature
    (Main articles: American literature, Scottish literature, Irish literature, and Welsh literature in English) This article is focused on English-language literature rather than the literature of England, so that it includes writers from Scotland, Wales, and the whole of Ireland, as well as literature in English from former British colonies.
  • Democracy (Fiction)
    Democracy is a fiction short story, written by Fatima Bhutto.
  • The Shadow of the Crescent Moon
    The Shadow of the Crescent Moon is a novel, written in a scenario, and context of the war on terror, in a town called Mir Ali near the Afghan border, in Pakistan’s tribal of Waziristan, and the story of three brothers and two young women.
  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature
    The Norton Anthology of English Literature is an anthology of English literature published by the W.
  • The Wise Way
    The Wise Way (Urdu: راہ دانش‎) is a book of quotes on various aspects of life.