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  • Martin Rathke
    Martin Heinrich Rathke (August 25, 1793, Danzig – September 3, 1860, Königsberg) was a German embryologist and anatomist.
  • Paul Bujor
    Paul Bujor (born Pavel Bujor; August 2, 1862 – May 17, 1952) was a Romanian zoologist, physiologist and marine biologist, also noted as a socialist writer and politician.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Kopsch
    Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor Kopsch (4 March 1868 - 24 January 1955) was a German anatomist born in Saarbrücken.
  • George W. Corner
    George Washington Corner FRS FRSE (12 December 1889 – 28 September 1981) was an American physician, embryologist and pioneer of the contraceptive pill.
  • Margaret Reed Lewis
    Margaret Adaline Reed Lewis (1881–1970) was an American cell biologist and embryologist who made contributions to cancer research and cell culture techniques, and was likely the first person to successfully grow mammalian tissue in vitro.
  • Allen Thomson
    Prof Allen Thomson FRS FRSE FRCSE (2 April 1809 – 21 March 1884) was a Scottish physician, known as an anatomist and embryologist.
  • Hilde Mangold
    Hilde Mangold (20 October 1898 – 4 September 1924) (née Proescholdt) was a German embryologist who was best known for her 1923 dissertation which was the foundation for her mentor, Hans Spemann's, 1935 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the embryonic organizer, "one of the very few doctoral theses in biology that have directly resulted in the awarding of a Nobel Prize".
  • Donald D. Brown
    Donald D. Brown is a professor at the Carnegie Institution for Science and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.
  • John Beard (embryologist)
    John Beard (11 November 1858 – 1924) was a Scottish embryologist, known for his controversial theory of the trophoblastic origin of cancer and his experimental treatments of cancer by means of pancreatic enzymes.
  • Brian K. Hall
    Brian Keith Hall FRSC (born, 1941) is the George S.
  • John Samuel Budgett
    John Samuel Budgett (16 June 1872 – 19 January 1904) was a British zoologist and embryologist.
  • Paul Wintrebert
    Paul Wintrebert (1867–1966) was a French embryologist and a theoretician of developmental biology.
  • Pere Alberch
    Pere Alberch (1954, Badalona – 1998, Madrid) was a Spanish naturalist, biologist and embryologist.
  • Gábor Vajta
    Gábor Vajta, MD, PhD, DSc (born 25 August 1952) is a medical doctor, human pathologist and mammalian embryologist living in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
  • Eric H. Davidson
    Eric Harris Davidson (April 13, 1937 – September 1, 2015) was an American developmental biologist at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Gustav Jacob Born
    Gustav Jacob Born (1851– 1900) was a German histologist and author.
  • Roberts Rugh
    Roberts Rugh, Ph.
  • Jane M. Oppenheimer
    Jane Marion Oppenheimer (1911–1996) was an American embryologist and historian of science.
  • Richard M. Eakin
    Richard Marshall Eakin (pronounced AY-kin; May 5, 1910 – November 25, 1999), was an American zoologist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, widely known for portraying prominent historical scientists during some of his lectures; dressing in costume and speaking in character to entertain and inform his students.
  • Dorothea Rudnick
    Dorothea Rudnick (January 17, 1907 - January 10, 1990) was an American embryologist, who also made contributions as a scientific editor and translator.
  • Mathilde Lange
    Mathilde Margarethe Lange (March 14, 1888-?) was an American biologist known for her research in experimental embryology.
  • Daria Schirman
    Daria Schirman, also called Dasha (May 24, 1874 - ?) was a Russian physician and embryologist.
  • Helen Battle
    Helen Irene Battle (August 31, 1903 – June 17, 1994) was a Canadian ichthyologist and marine biologist.
  • Beatrice Mintz
    Beatrice Mintz (born January 24, 1921 in New York City) is an American embryologist who has contributed to the understanding of genetic modification, cellular differentiation and cancer, particularly melanoma.
  • Étienne Wolff
    Étienne Wolff (Auxerre, 12 February 1904 - Paris, 18 November 1996) was a French biologist, specialising in experimental and teratological embryology.
  • Johannes W. Rohen
    Johannes Wolfgang Rohen (born September 18, 1921) is a German anatomist.
  • John Graham Kerr
    Sir John Graham Kerr FRS (18 September 1869 – 21 April 1957), known to his friends as Graham Kerr, was a Scottish embryologist and Unionist Member of Parliament (MP).
  • Walter Jakob Gehring
    Walter Jakob Gehring (1939 - 29 May 2014) was a Swiss developmental biologist who was a professor at the Biozentrum Basel of the University of Basel, Switzerland.
  • Geraldine Pittman Woods
    Geraldine Pittman "Jerri" Woods (1921–1999) was an African American science administrator.
  • Warren Harmon Lewis
    Warren Harmon Lewis (June 17, 1870 - July 3, 1964) was an American embryologist and cell biologist.
  • Louis J. Guillette Jr
    Louis J. Guillette Jr.
  • Vera Danchakoff
    Vera Mikhaĭlovna Danchakoff (born 1879, last publication 1950) was a Russian anatomist, cell biologist and embryologist.
  • Yury Verlinsky
    Yury Verlinsky (1 September 1943 – 16 July 2009) was a Russian-American medical researcher specializing in embryo and cellular genetics (genetic cytology).
  • Bei Shizhang
    Bei Shizhang (simplified Chinese: 贝时璋; traditional Chinese: 貝時璋; pinyin: Bèi Shízhāng; also written Shi-Zhang Bei; October 10, 1903 – October 29, 2009) was a Chinese biologist and educator.
  • Joan Ruderman
    Joan V. Ruderman (born 1947/48) is an American molecular and cell biologist.
  • Alexander Ecker
    Johann Alexander Ecker (10 July 1816 – 20 May 1887) was a German anthropologist and anatomist born in Freiburg im Breisgau.
  • Leopold Schenk
    Leopold Schenk (23 August 1840, Ürmény, Hungary - 17 August 1902, Schwanberg, Styria) was an Austrian embryologist.
  • Karl Heider (zoologist)
    Karl Heider (28 April 1856, Vienna – 2 July 1935, Deutschfeistritz) was an Austrian zoologist and embryologist known for his research involving the developmental history of invertebrates.
  • Viktor Hamburger
    Viktor Hamburger (July 9, 1900 – June 12, 2001) was a German professor and embryologist.
  • Eugen Korschelt
    Eugen Korschelt (28 September 1858, in Zittau – 28 December 1946, in Marburg) was a German zoologist.
  • Angelo Ruffini
    Angelo Ruffini (Pretare of Arquata del Tronto,1864 – 1929) was an Italian histologist and embryologist.
  • Johannes Holtfreter
    Johannes Holtfreter (January 9, 1901 – November 13, 1992) was a German-American developmental biologist whose primary focus was the “organizer,” a part of the embryo essential for the development of the proper body plan.
  • John A. Ryder
    John Adam Ryder (February 29, 1852, Franklin County, Pennsylvania – March 26, 1895), was an American zoologist and embryologist.
  • Martin Barry
    Martin Barry, MD, FRCPE, FRSE, FRS (28 March 1802, Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire – 27 April 1855, Beccles, Suffolk), was a British physician who studied histology and embryology.
  • Ethel Browne Harvey
    Ethel (Nicholson) Browne Harvey (December 14, 1885 in Baltimore, Maryland – September 2, 1965 in Falmouth, Massachusetts) was an American embryologist, known for her critical findings about cell division, using the embryology of sea urchins, and for early work studying embryonic cell cleavage.
  • Étienne Serres
    Antoine Étienne Renaud Augustin Serres (12 September 1786, Clairac – 22 January 1868, Paris) was a French physician and embryologist.