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  • Michael George Mulhall
    Michael George Mulhall (1836-1900) was an Irish author, statistician, economist and newspaper editor.
  • Paulo Morgado
    Paulo José Ferreira Morgado (born 10 October 1963 Leiria, Portugal) is a Portuguese manager and writer.
  • David Folkerts-Landau
    David Folkerts-Landau (born May 21, 1949) is a German born economist.
  • Zeine Ould Zeidane
    Zeine Ould Zeidane (Arabic: الزين ولد زيدان‎‎) (born 1966) is a Mauritanian economist and politician.
  • Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos Araújo
    Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos Araújo (born August 4, 1964) is a Brazilian economist and engineer.
  • Justinian Rweyemamu
    Justinian F. Rweyemamu (28 September 1942 – 30 March 1982) was Tanzania’s first major economics scholar.
  • Keith Griffin (economist)
    Keith B. Griffin (born 1938 in Colon, Panama) is an economist, notable for his pioneering work on the economics of poverty reduction over more than forty years.
  • Hervé Moulin
    Hervé Moulin (born in 1950 in Paris) is the Donald J.
  • Edith Hirsch (economist)
    Edith Jarislowsky Hirsch (2 November 1899 – 7 January 2003) was a commodities economist who worked as a consultant with her husband, Julius Hirsch, and published several papers after his death.
  • Otaviano Canuto
    Otaviano Canuto dos Santos Filho (born January 5, 1956) is a Brazilian economist.
  • Georg Franck
    Georg Franck-Oberaspach is an architect/urban planner, computer programmer, economist, and philosopher.
  • Carolyn Heinrich
    Carolyn J. Heinrich (born 1967) is the Sid Richardson Professor of Public Affairs, affiliated Professor of Economics, and Director of the Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) at the Lyndon B.
  • Terry Babcock-Lumish
    Dr. Terry Babcock-Lumish is an American professor, entrepreneur, and policymaker.
  • Geoffrey J. D. Hewings
    Geoffrey J.D. Hewings (born 1943) is Professor of Geography and Regional Science, of Economics, of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States.
  • Bohdan Hawrylyshyn
    Bohdan Hawrylyshyn (Ukrainian: Богдан Дмитрович Гаврилишин, born 19 October 1926 in Koropets, now Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine) is a noted economist, visionary and an economic advisor to the Ukrainian government.
  • Ian Crawford (economist)
    Ian Crawford is professor of economics at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Nuffield College.
  • Max Roser
    Max Roser is an economist and media critic.
  • Yan Chen (Professor)
    Yan Chen is a professor in the University of Michigan School of Information.
  • Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis
    Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis (born 27 December 1977 in Rīga) is a Latvian politician and economist, who served as the Minister for Education and Science of Latvia.
  • Leonardo Augusto Amaral Terra
    'Leonardo Augusto Amaral Terra' (São Carlos, March 28, 1979) is a Brazilian researcher who works at the University of Ribeirão Preto and is associated with the University of São Paulo.