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  • Lawrence J. Christiano
    Lawrence Joseph Christiano (born January 22, 1952) is an American economist and researcher.
  • Ariel Pakes
    Ariel Pakes (born 1949) is the Steven McArthur Heller Professor of Economics at Harvard University.
  • Richard E. Quandt
    Richard Emeric Quandt (born 1 June 1930 in Budapest) is a Guggenheim Fellowship winning economist who analyzed the results of the Judgment of Paris wine tasting event with Orley Ashenfelter.
  • Steven T. Berry
    Steven Titus Berry (born 1959) is the David Swensen Professor of Economics and the former Director of the Division of Social Sciences at Yale University.
  • Morris H. DeGroot
    Morris Herman DeGroot (June 8, 1931 – November 2, 1989) was an American statistician.
  • Robert Van Straelen
    Robert Alphonse Paul (Bob) Van Straelen (born 3 December 1934) is a Belgian economist and organizational theorist, and Emeritus Professor at the Antwerp Management School, known for his work on large empirical macroeconomic models.
  • David Forrest (academic)
    David Kerr Forrest (born 1953) is an applied economist and econometrician who specialises in analysis of the sports and gambling industries.
  • Jan Sandee
    Jan Sandee (9 December 1919, Rotterdam – 21 July 2011, Boskoop) was a Dutch economist, consultant and Professor of Econometrics at the Netherlands School of Economics, Rotterdam, who headed the Econometric Institute from 1966 to 1971.
  • Henry Mann
    Henry Berthold Mann (27 October 1905, Vienna – 1 February 2000, Tucson) was a professor of mathematics and statistics at Ohio State University.
  • David Forbes Hendry
    Sir David Forbes Hendry, FBA (born 6 March 1944) is a British econometrician, currently a professor of economics and from 2001–2007 was Head of the Economics Department at the University of Oxford.
  • Adrian Pagan
    Adrian Rodney Pagan AO (born 12 January 1947 in Mungindi, Queensland) is an Australian economist and Professor of Economics in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney.
  • Michael Keane (economist)
    Michael Patrick Keane (born 1961) is an American/Australian economist who is currently the Nuffield Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and a Professorial Fellow of Nuffield College.
  • Harold Thayer Davis
    Harold Thayer Davis (5 October 1892, Beatrice, Nebraska – 14 November 1974, Bloomington, Indiana) was a mathematician, statistician, and econometrician, known for the Davis distribution.
  • Søren Johansen
    Søren Johansen (born 6 November 1939) is a Danish Statistician and Econometrician who is known for his contributions to the theory of Cointegration.
  • Marianne Bertrand
    Marianne Bertrand (born c. 1970) is a Belgian economist.
  • Anton Barten
    Anton Peter Barten (14 January 1930 – 15 June 2016) was a Dutch economist.
  • Eric Ghysels
    Eric Ghysels (born in 1956 in Brussels) is a Belgian economist with particular interest in finance and time series econometrics who works in the field of financial econometrics, and is currently the Edward M.
  • Esfandiar Maasoumi
    Esfandiar Maasoumi (born March 5, 1950) is an econometrician and an economist.
  • Fumio Hayashi
    Fumio Hayashi (林 文夫 Hayashi Fumio, born 18 April 1952) is a Japanese economist.
  • G. S. Maddala
    Gangadharrao Soundalyarao "G.
  • Kenneth D. West
    Kenneth David West (born 1953) is the John D.
  • Ad Kolnaar
    Adrianus Herman Josef (Ad) Kolnaar (born 16 August 1942) is a Dutch economist, and Emeritus Professor at Tilburg University.
  • Víctor Aguirre-Torres
    Victor M. A. Aguirre-Torres is an internationally recognized econometrician, professor and researcher of the Academic Department of Statistics at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).
  • Gerard J. van den Berg
    Gerhardus Johannes "Gerard" van den Berg (born 1962) is a Dutch econometrician.
  • Wim van den Goorbergh
    Willem Maria (Wim) van den Goorbergh (born April 7, 1948) is a Dutch economist and banker.
  • Michael Wolf (statistician)
    Michael Wolf (born June 1, 1967) holds the Chair of Econometrics and Applied Statistics in the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.
  • John Rust
    John Philip Rust (born May 23, 1955) is an American economist and econometrician.
  • Peter Nijkamp
    Peter Nijkamp (born 26 February 1946) is a Dutch economist, Professor of Regional Economics and Economic Geography at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a fellow of the Tinbergen Institute and President of the Governing Board of the Netherlands Research Council (NWO).
  • Alok Bhargava
    Alok Bhargava (born 13 July 1954, Alwar, India) is an Indian-American econometrician.
  • Christian Gouriéroux
    Christian Gouriéroux (born 1949) is an econometrician who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics from the University of Rouen.
  • Masao Ogaki
    Masao Ogaki (大垣 昌夫 Ōgaki Masao, born 1958) is a Japanese economist.
  • Pietro Balestra (economist)
    Pietro Balestra (April 2, 1935 – June 23, 2005) was a Swiss economist specializing in econometrics.
  • Whitney K. Newey
    Whitney Kent Newey (born July 17, 1954) is the Jane Berkowitz Carlton and Dennis William Carlton Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a well-known econometrician.
  • Martin Eichenbaum
    Martin Stewart Eichenbaum (born August 23, 1954) is the Charles Moskos professor of Economics at Northwestern University, and the co-director of the Center for International Economics and Development.
  • Stephen Cameron
    Stephen Cameron (born c. 1960) is an American financial analyst, economist and author.
  • Katarina Juselius
    Katarina Juselius (born 1943) is professor Emeritus of econometrics and empirical economics at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Jules Theeuwes
    Jules Jacobus Maria Theeuwes (10 October 1944 – 6 November 2012) was a Belgian economist, and Professor of Labour Economics at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Anil K. Bera
    Anil K. Bera (born 1955) is an econometrician.
  • Stephen Goldfeld
    Stephen Michael Goldfeld (August 9, 1940 – August 25, 1995) was a Princeton University professor and provost who served on the Council of Economic Advisers during the Carter administration.
  • Michel Balinski
    Michel Louis Balinski (born October 6, 1933) is an applied mathematician, economist, operations research analyst and political scientist.
  • Peter Kennedy (economist)
    Peter Kennedy (1943–2010) was a Canadian economist who taught for many years at the Simon Fraser University.
  • Peter Reinhard Hansen
    Peter Reinhard Hansen (born June 15, 1968) is Professor of Economics at the European University Institute in Florence Italy.
  • Piet Rietveld
    Pieter (Piet) Rietveld (15 December 1952 – 1 November 2013) was a Dutch economist and Professor in Transport Economics at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and a fellow at the Tinbergen Institute.
  • Bernard van Praag
    Bernard Marinus Siegfried van Praag (born 28 February 1939) is a Dutch economist, and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Amsterdam, noted for researching the measurement of welfare, as well-being and happiness.
  • James Ball (economist)
    Sir Robert James Ball (born 15 July 1933) is a British academic and an emeritus professor of economics at the London Business School and a leader in the field of econometric modeling.
  • Roger Guesnerie
    Roger Guesnerie is an economist born in France in 1943.
  • Trevor S. Breusch
    Trevor Stanley Breusch (born c. 1953) was until his retirement Professor of Econometrics and Deputy Director of Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.
  • A. Ronald Gallant
    A. Ronald "Ron" Gallant is a leading American econometrician.
  • Albert Rex Bergstrom
    Albert Rex Bergstrom (1925–2005) was a distinguished New Zealand econometrician recognised for his work in continuous time econometrics.
  • Arthur Goldberger
    Arthur Stanley Goldberger (November 20, 1930 – December 11, 2009) was an econometrician and an economist.
  • C. E. V. Leser
    Conrad Emanuel Victor Leser was a German Econometrician who lived from 1915 to 1998.
  • Carlo Giannini
    Carlo Giannini (10 July 1948, Brescia – 11 September 2004, Pavia) was an econometrician and mathematical economist who taught at the Universities of Ancona, Bergamo, Calabria, Milan and Pavia during the period 1976–2004.
  • Charles F. Manski
    Charles Frederick Manski (born November 27, 1948 in Boston), is the Professor of Economics at Northwestern University, an econometrician in the realm of rational choice theory, and an innovator in the arena of parameter identification.
  • Edward E. Leamer
    Edward Emory Leamer (born May 24, 1944) is a professor of economics and statistics at UCLA.
  • Henri Theil
    Henri (Hans) Theil (October 13, 1924 – August 20, 2000) was a Dutch econometrician, Professor at the Netherlands School of Economics in Rotterdam, known for his contributions to the field of econometrics.