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Database management systems

Database management systems

  • Distributed database
    A distributed database is a database in which storage devices are not all attached to a common processing unit such as the CPU, and which is controlled by a distributed database management system (together sometimes called a distributed database system).
  • Bigtable
    Bigtable is a compressed, high performance, and proprietary data storage system built on Google File System, Chubby Lock Service, SSTable (log-structured storage like LevelDB) and a few other Google technologies.
  • SQuirreL SQL Client
    The SQuirreL SQL Client is a database administration tool.
  • Gramps
    (This article is about genealogy software. For the relative, Grandfather, see Grandparent.) Gramps (formerly GRAMPS, an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is Free and open source genealogy software.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.
  • Open Database Connectivity
    In computing, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing database management systems (DBMS).
  • Tellico
    Tellico is a KDE application for organizing various collections.
  • Zope Object Database
    The Zope Object Database (ZODB) is an object-oriented database for transparently and persistently storing Python objects.
  • Clipper (programming language)
    Clipper is a xBase compiler, which is a computer programming language, that is used to create software programs that originally operated primarily under DOS.
  • EXist
    eXist is an open source software project for NoSQL databases built on XML technology.
  • SQLBuddy
    SQL Buddy is an open source web based application written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL and SQLite with the use of a Web browser.
  • Linter SQL RDBMS
    Linter SQL RDBMS is the main product of RELEX Group.
  • SQLyog
    SQLyog is a GUI tool for the RDBMS MySQL.
  • List of column-oriented DBMSes
    This article is a list of column-oriented database management system software.
  • Expression index
    An expression index, also known as a function based index, is a database index that is built on a generic expression, rather than one or more columns.
  • In-memory database
    An in-memory database (IMDB; also main memory database system or MMDB or memory resident database) is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage.
  • Sketch Engine
    Sketch Engine is a corpus manager and analysis software developed by Lexical Computing Limited since 2003.
  • Data retrieval
    Data retrieval means obtaining data from a database management system such as ODBMS.
  • QUEL query languages
    QUEL is a relational database query language, based on tuple relational calculus, with some similarities to SQL.