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Data access technologies

Data access technologies

  • Java Database Connectivity
    Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database.
  • Java Persistence API
    The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a Java application programming interface specification that describes the management of relational data in applications using Java Platform, Standard Edition and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.
  • Propel (PHP)
    Propel is a free, open-source (MIT) object-relational mapping toolkit written in PHP.
  • Doctrine (PHP)
    The Doctrine Project (or Doctrine) is a set of PHP libraries primarily focused on providing persistence services and related functionality.
  • Microsoft Data Access Components
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC; also known as Windows DAC) is a framework of interrelated Microsoft technologies that allows programmers a uniform and comprehensive way of developing applications that can access almost any data store.
  • Hibernate (framework)
    Hibernate ORM (Hibernate in short) is an object-relational mapping framework for the Java language.
  • Open Database Connectivity
    In computing, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing database management systems (DBMS).
  • Jet Data Access Objects
    Jet Data Access Objects is a deprecated general programming interface for database access on Microsoft Windows systems.
  • NHibernate
    NHibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Microsoft .
  • DataObjects.NET
    DataObjects.NET is a persistence and object-relational mapping framework for the Microsoft .
  • Entity Framework
    Entity Framework (EF) is an open source object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for ADO.
    ADO.NET is a data access technology from the Microsoft .
  • ADOdb
    ADOdb is a database abstraction library for PHP Originally based on the same concept as Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects.
  • ADOdb Lite
    ADOdb Lite is a very small, fast ADOdb-compatible database abstraction library written in PHP.