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  • Il manifesto
    Il manifesto is an Italian language daily newspaper published in Rome, Italy.
  • To Vima
    To Vima (Greek: Το Βήμα, lit. '"The Tribune"') is a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1922 by Dimitris Lambrakis, the father of Christos Lambrakis.
  • Het Laatste Nieuws
    Het Laatste Nieuws (in English The Latest News) is a Dutch language newspaper based in Brussels, Belgium.
  • La Nación
    La Nación (English: The Nation) is an Argentine daily newspaper.
  • Evenimentul Zilei
    Evenimentul zilei is one of the leading newspapers in Romania.
  • Chas (newspaper)
    Chas (Time, Russian: Час) was a daily newspaper published in Latvia, the third among Russian language dailies and the eighth among all dailies by subscription, as of January 2010.
  • Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung
    The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung is a leading commercial newspaper from Essen, Germany, published by WAZ-Mediengruppe.
  • Luxemburger Wort
    Luxemburger Wort is a German language Luxembourgish daily newspaper.
  • Moskovskij Komsomolets
    Moskovskij Komsomolets (Russian: Московский комсомолец, "Moscow Komsomolets") is a Moscow-based daily newspaper with a circulation approaching one million, covering general news.
  • The Nikkei
    The Nikkei, formally known as The Nihon Keizai Shinbun (日本経済新聞, Japan Economics Newspaper), is Nikkei Inc.
  • El Peruano
    Diario Oficial El Peruano (English: The Peruvian Official Daily) is the official daily newspaper of Peru.
  • Daily News and Analysis
    Daily News and Analysis (DNA) is an Indian broadsheet launched in 2005 and published in English from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Bengaluru and Indore in India.
  • The New Indian Express
    (For the bifurcated North Indian edition, see The Indian Express.) The New Indian Express is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper published by the Chennai-based Express Publications.
  • The Indian Express
    The Indian Express is an English-language Indian daily newspaper.
  • Hindustan Times
    Hindustan Times is an Indian English-language daily newspaper founded in 1924 with roots in the Indian independence movement of the period ("Hindustan" being a historical name for India).
  • Lëtzebuerger Journal
    The Lëtzebuerger Journal is a daily newspaper in Luxembourg.
  • The Statesman
    The Statesman is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper founded in 1875 and published simultaneously in Kolkata, New Delhi, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar.
  • The Hindu
    The Hindu is an English-language Indian daily newspaper.
  • Al-Ahram
    Al-Ahram (Arabic: الأهرام‎‎; The Pyramids), founded on 5 August 1875, is the most widely circulating Egyptian daily newspaper, and the second oldest after al-Waqa'i`al-Masriya (The Egyptian Events, founded 1828).
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda
    Komsomolskaya Pravda (Russian: Комсомо́льская пра́вда; lit. "Komsomol Truth") is a daily Russian tabloid newspaper, founded on 13 March 1925.
  • La Repubblica
    la Repubblica (Italian pronunciation: [la reˈpubblika]; English: the Republic) is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper.
  • Clarín (Argentine newspaper)
    Clarín (Spanish pronunciation: [klaˈɾin], meaning "Bugle") is the largest newspaper in Argentina, published by the Grupo Clarín media group.
  • Õhtuleht
    Õhtuleht (Evening Paper) is the second largest daily newspaper in Estonia.
  • Krasnaya Zvezda
    Krasnaya Zvezda (Russian: Кра́сная звезда́, literally "Red Star") is an official newspaper of Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defence.
  • Gazeta Wyborcza
    Gazeta Wyborcza (Polish pronunciation: [ɡaˈzɛta vɨˈbɔrtʂa]; meaning Electoral Newspaper in English) is a newspaper published in Warsaw, Poland.
  • United Daily News (Philippines)
    The United Daily News (Chinese: 聯合日報; pinyin: Liánhé Rìbào; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Liân-ha̍p Ji̍t-pò) is a daily broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines written in the Chinese language.
  • Manila Shimbun
    The Manila Shimbun (まにら新聞), officially called The Daily Manila Shimbun (日刊まにら新聞 Nikkan Manira Shinbun), is a daily broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines written in the Japanese language.
  • Khabrain
    Daily Khabrain (Urdu: روزنامہ خبریں‎) is a Pakistani daily newspaper.
  • Dhaka Tribune
    The Dhaka Tribune is a Bangladeshi English-language compact newspaper published nationwide from the capital Dhaka.
  • Les Dépêches de Brazzaville
    Les Dépêches de Brazzaville is a French-language daily newspaper in the Republic of the Congo.
  • Amar Desh
    Amar Desh (Bengali: আমার দেশ "My Country") is a daily newspaper in Bangladesh, published from Dhaka in the Bengali language since 2004.
  • Pakistan Today
    Pakistan Today is a Pakistani English-language daily newspaper, published by Nawa Media Corporation from three Pakistani cities – Lahore, Punjab; Karachi, Sindh; and Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.
  • Pubblico
    Pubblico was an Italian daily newspaper briefly published in Italy between September and December 2012.
  • Bukedde
    Bukedde, is a daily Ugandan newspaper published in Kampala, Uganda.
  • El Pueblo (Nicaraguan newspaper)
    El Pueblo ('The People') was a revolutionary newspaper published in Nicaragua.
  • The Australian Financial Review
    The Australian Financial Review (sometimes abbreviated to AFR) is an Australian business and finance newspaper published by Fairfax Media in a broadsheet format six days a week.
  • Dainik Tribune
    Dainik Tribune (Hindi: दैनिक ट्रिब्यून) is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper published from Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Dehradun and Bathinda.
  • Bangladesh Tribune
    The Bangladesh Tribune is a Bengali language daily newspaper in Bangladesh.
  • Kashmir Reader
    Kashmir Reader is an English daily newspaper published from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, by Helpline Group.
  • Risingbd.com
    Risingbd.com is one of the most popular online news portal in Bangladesh.
  • Visalaandhra
    Visalaandhra is an Indian Telugu-language daily newspaper established 63 years ago on June 22, 1952 in Vijayawada.
  • Evrensel
    Evrensel (English: Universal) is a Turkish daily newspaper.
  • The Nation (Pakistan)
    The Nation is an English-language daily newspaper based in Lahore, Pakistan since 1986.
  • Oman Daily Observer
    The Oman Daily Observer is an English-language Omani daily.
  • The Fookien Times
    The Fookien Times (Chinese: 新閩日報; pinyin: Xīnmǐn Rìbào; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Sin-bân Ji̍t-pò, lit. "New Fujian Times") was a daily broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines written in the Chinese language.
  • Hind Samachar
    Hind Samachar is a daily Urdu newspaper that is circulated in Mumbai.
  • The Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
    The Royal Gazette, is a Bermudian English-language daily newspaper.
  • The News International
    The News International (ISSN 1563-9479), published in broadsheet size, is the largest English language newspaper in Pakistan.
  • Lokmat
    Lokmat ( Marathi (मराठी:लोकमत, literally 'People's Opinion') is a Marathi language newspaper published from Mumbai, and several other cities in Maharashtra state. Founded in 1971 by Jawaharlal Darda, in 2014, as per Indian Readership Survey (IRS 2014) it was the tenth largest Indian daily with 5.887 million readers, and in Marathi, it is the largest selling daily with 1.4 million copies a day. As per IRS 2010 Q3, Lokmat has a total readership of 23.67 million, Lokmat has a total readership of 23.67 million. Its registered and corporate offices are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) and its main administrative center is located at Lokmat Building, Lokmat Square, Nagpur (India).
  • AlHuriyah
    AlHuriyah was the first feminist Arabic daily newspaper.