Critics of religions

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  • Turan Dursun
    Turan Dursun (1934 – 4 September 1990) was a Turkish Shia Islamic scholar and a writer.
  • Charlie Hebdo
    Charlie Hebdo (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁli ɛbdo]; French for Charlie Weekly) is a French satirical weekly magazine, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes.
  • Walter Kaufmann (philosopher)
    Walter Arnold Kaufmann (July 1, 1921 – September 4, 1980) was a German-American philosopher, translator, and poet.
  • Michel Onfray
    Michel Onfray (French: [miʃɛl ɔ̃fʁɛ]; born 1 January 1959) is a contemporary French writer and philosopher who promotes hedonism, atheism, and anarchism.
  • Alexander Nevzorov
    Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Гле́бович Невзо́ров; born on August 3, 1958 in Leningrad, Soviet Union) is a Russian and Soviet TV journalist, a film director and a former member of the Russian parliament.
  • Baron d'Holbach
    Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach (French: [dɔlbak]), was a French-German author, philosopher, encyclopedist and prominent figure in the French Enlightenment.
  • PZ Myers
    Paul Zachary "PZ" Myers (born March 9, 1957) is an American associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM).
  • Jose Maria Sison
    (This name uses Philippine naming customs. The matronymic is Canlás and the family name is Sison.) José María Canlás Sison (born 8 February 1939) is a writer and activist who founded the Communist Party of the Philippines and added elements of Maoism to its philosophy.
  • Jesse Ventura
    James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), better known by his stage name Jesse Ventura, is an American former professional wrestler, actor, political commentator, author, naval veteran, and politician who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.
  • David Silverman (activist)
    David "Dave" Silverman (born August 13, 1966) is the current president of the American Atheists, a non-profit organization that supports the rights of atheists and the removal of expressions of religion in public when possibly interpretable as governmental endorsement, in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
  • Richard Carrier
    Richard Cevantis Carrier (born December 1, 1969) is a historian, atheist activist, author, public speaker, and blogger.
  • Gustav Landauer
    Gustav Landauer (7 April 1870 – 2 May 1919) was one of the leading theorists on anarchism in Germany in the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Brian Flemming
    Brian Flemming is an American film director, playwright and activist.
  • Socrates
    Socrates (/ˈsɒkrətiːz/; Greek: Σωκράτης [sɔːkrátɛːs], Sōkrátēs; 470/469 – 399 BC) was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy.
  • Phil Zuckerman
    Philip "Phil" Zuckerman (born June 26, 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is a professor of sociology at Pitzer College in Claremont, California.
  • Mike Dickin
    Robert Michael "Mike" Dickin (28 September 1943 – 18 December 2006), was an English radio DJ, best known as the late-night host on the radio station talkSPORT.
  • Doug Stanhope
    Douglas Stanhope (born March 25, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author known for his cynical and controversial comedy style and libertarian political views.
  • Douglas Murray (author)
    Douglas Kear Murray (born 17 July 1979) is a British writer, journalist and commentator.
  • Herman Philipse
    Herman Philipse (born 13 May 1951) is a professor of philosophy at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
  • Dante Tomaselli
    Dante Tomaselli (born October 29, 1969, in Paterson, New Jersey) is an Italian-American horror screenwriter, director, and score composer.
  • Jamila Bey
    Jamila Bey is an African-American journalist and public speaker.
  • Madalyn Murray O'Hair
    Madalyn Murray O'Hair (née Mays; April 13, 1919 – September 29, 1995), who also used multiple pseudonyms (her most preferred being M. Bible), was an American atheist activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization's president from 1963 to 1986.
  • Edwina Currie
    Edwina Jones (born 13 October 1946), born Edwina Cohen and commonly known by her first married name, Edwina Currie, is a former British Member of Parliament.
  • Rebecca Watson
    Rebecca Kay Watson (born October 18, 1980) is an American blogger and podcast host.
  • Frances Wright
    Frances Wright (September 6, 1795 – December 13, 1852) also widely known as Fanny Wright, was a Scottish-born lecturer, writer, freethinker, feminist, abolitionist, and social reformer, who became a US citizen in 1825.
  • Garth Ennis
    Garth Ennis (born 16 January 1970) is a Northern Irish-born American comics writer, best known for the Vertigo series Preacher with artist Steve Dillon and his successful nine-year run on Marvel Comics' Punisher franchise.
  • Gad Saad
    Gad Saad (born 1964) is a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary behavioural scientist at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) who is known for applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behaviour.
  • Fang Zhouzi
    Fang Shimin (Chinese: 方是民), better known by his pen name Fang Zhouzi (Chinese: 方舟子; pinyin: Fāng Zhōuzǐ), is a Chinese popular scientific writer who is also well known for his campaign against pseudoscience and fraud in China.
  • Matt Dillahunty
    Matt Dillahunty (born March 31, 1969) is an American public speaker and Internet personality, and was the president of the Atheist Community of Austin from 2006 to 2013.
  • Greg Puciato
    Gregory John "Greg" Puciato (born March 27, 1980) is the lead singer of the band The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, and the supergroup Killer Be Killed.
  • Charles Chilton Moore
    Charles Chilton Moore (December 20, 1837 – February 7, 1906) was an American atheist, and the editor of the Blue Grass Blade, one of the United States' first newspapers promoting atheism.
  • Jim Jefferies (comedian)
    Geoff James Nugent (born 14 February 1977), known professionally as Jim Jefferies (and previously Jim Jeffries), is an Australian stand-up comedian, actor, and writer.
  • Epicurus
    Epicurus (/ˌɛpɪˈkjʊərəs/ or /ˌɛpɪˈkjɔːrəs/; Greek: Ἐπίκουρος, Epíkouros, "ally, comrade"; 341–270 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher as well as the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism.
  • Khem Veasna
    (This is a Cambodian name; the family name is ខឹម.) Khem Veasna (//[kʰɨm ʋiəhsnaː]; Khmer: ខឹម វាសនា; born December 11, 1965) is an orphan, former movie star, movie boss, writer, director, Law student, businessman, Cambodian politician, the founder of the League for Democracy Party, former member of Sam Rainsy Party and Former representative based in Prey Veng constituency in the Cambodian National Assembly for 3rd in 2003, he is now the president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP).
  • Claudio Encarnacion Montero
    Claudio Encarnacion Montero Green(/ˈklɔːdiəs/; Classical Latin: [ˈklawdɪʊs], Latin: (born 12 October 1995), better known as Claudio Encarnacion Montero, is an English actor. He is known for his role in The Bird of Paradise (2012), and had a small appearance in Nickelodeon's original movie Big Time Movie.
  • Youp van 't Hek
    Joseph Jacobus Maria "Youp" van 't Hek (born 28 February 1954) is a Dutch comedian, author, columnist, singer-songwriter, playwright and critic.
  • Anthony B. Pinn
    Anthony B. Pinn is an American professor, author, and public intellectual working at the intersections of African-American religion, constructive theology, and humanist thought.
  • Stefan Molyneux
    Stefan Basil Molyneux (/stɛˈfæn ˈmɑːlɪnjuː/; born September 24, 1966) is an Irish-born Canadian blogger.
  • Ellen Johnson
    Ellen Johnson (born 1955) is an American activist for the civil rights of atheists and for the separation of church and state in the United States.
  • Jay Bentley
    Jay Dee Bentley (born June 6, 1964, Wichita, Kansas) is the bassist and co-founding member of the punk rock group Bad Religion.
  • Joaquín Trincado Mateo
    Joaquín Trincado Mateo was a philosopher of Spanish origin.
  • David Vincent
    David Justin Vincent (born April 22, 1965), also known as Evil D, is an American musician who is best known as the former lead vocalist and bassist for the death metal band Morbid Angel as well as the bassist for Genitorturers.
  • Greydon Square
    Eddie Collins (born September 28, 1981), better known by his stage name Greydon Square, is an American rapper from Compton, California.
  • Polly Toynbee
    Mary Louisa Toynbee, known as Polly Toynbee (/ˈtɔɪnbi/; born 27 December 1946), is a British journalist and writer, and has been a columnist for The Guardian newspaper since 1998.
  • Dave Allen (comedian)
    David Tynan O'Mahony (6 July 1936 – 10 March 2005), better known as Dave Allen, was an Irish observational comedian and satirist.
  • Darrel Ray
    Darrel Wayne Ray (born August 24, 1950) is a psychologist who has written several books on various topics.
  • Dave Rubin
    David Joshua "Dave" Rubin (born June 26, 1976) is an American comedian, talk show host, and television personality.
  • David Mills (author)
    David Mills (born January 24, 1959) is an American author.
  • David Pakman
    David Pakman (born February 2, 1984, in Argentina) is an Argentinian television and radio host, political commentator, Internet personality, and political activist.
  • Hannibal Buress
    (This article is about the comedian and actor. For the fictional character, see Hannibal Lecter.) Hannibal Buress (/ˈhænᵻbəl ˈbʌrᵻs/; born February 4, 1983) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer.
  • James McDonald (writer)
    James McDonald British is a mathematician and non-fiction writer.
  • James Whale (radio)
    Michael James Whale (born 13 May 1951) is an English radio and television host.
  • Dan Barker
    Daniel Edwin "Dan" Barker (born June 25, 1949) is an American atheist activist who served as a Christian preacher and musician for 19 years but left Christianity in 1984.