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  • Anthracite
    Anthracite is a hard, compact variety of coal that has a submetallic luster.
  • Coal liquefaction
    Coal liquefaction is a process of converting coal into liquid hydrocarbons: liquid fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Fischer–Tropsch process
    The Fischer–Tropsch process is a collection of chemical reactions that converts a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Lignite
    Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is a soft brown combustible sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat.
  • Coal gas
    ("Towngas" redirects here. Towngas may also refer to the brand name of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company.) Coal gas is a flammable gaseous fuel made from coal and supplied to the user via a piped distribution system.
  • Peat
    Peat (turf) is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter that is unique to natural areas called peatlands, bogs, or mires.
  • Coke (fuel)
    Coke is a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, usually made from coal.
  • Charcoal
    Charcoal is a lightweight, black residue, consisting of carbon and any remaining ash, obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances.
  • Coal tar
    Coal tar is a brown or black liquid of extremely high viscosity.
  • Pneumoconiosis
    Pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust, often in mines and from agriculture.
  • Coal mining
    The goal of coal mining is to obtain coal from the ground.
  • Torbanite
    Torbanite, also known as boghead coal, is a variety of fine-grained black oil shale.
  • Pulverized coal-fired boiler
    A pulverized coal-fired boiler is an industrial or utility boiler that generates thermal energy by burning pulverized coal (also known as powdered coal or coal dust since it is as fine as face powder in cosmetic makeup) that is blown into the firebox.
  • Clean coal
    Clean coal is a concept for processes or approaches that mitigate emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, and radioactive materials, that arise from the use of coal, mainly for electrical power generation, using clean coal technology.
  • Bituminous coal
    Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen.
  • Black sugar
    Black sugar is a form of crystalline precipitate or a particulate pollution by-product unique from creosote caused by the burning of low grade coal in the 1940–1960s.