Castles in Japan

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  • Nagoya Castle
    Nagoya Castle (名古屋城 Nagoya-jō) is a Japanese castle located in Nagoya, central Japan.
  • Azuchi Castle
    Azuchi Castle (安土城 Azuchi-jō) was one of the primary castles of Oda Nobunaga.
  • Shuri Castle
    Shuri Castle (首里城 Shuri-jō, Okinawan: Sui Gushiku) is a Ryūkyūan gusuku in Shuri, Okinawa.
  • Nagashima
    Nagashima (長島) was a series of fortresses and fortifications controlled by the Ikkō-ikki, a sect of warrior monks in Japan's Sengoku period who opposed samurai rule.
  • Hikone Castle
    Hikone Castle (彦根城 Hikone-jō) is a Japanese Edo-period castle in the city of Hikone, in Shiga Prefecture.
  • Kōchi Castle
    Kōchi Castle (高知城 Kōchi-jō) is a castle located in Kōchi, Kōchi Prefecture, Japan.
  • Nijō Castle
    Nijō Castle (二条城 Nijō-jō) is a flatland castle in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Odawara Castle
    Odawara Castle (小田原城 Odawara-jō) is a landmark in the city of Odawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
  • Okayama Castle
    Okayama Castle (岡山城 Okayama-jō) is a Japanese castle in the city of Okayama in Okayama Prefecture in Japan.
  • Osaka Castle
    Osaka Castle (大坂城 or 大阪城, Ōsaka-jō) is a Japanese castle in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan.
  • Shimabara Castle
    Shimabara Castle (島原城 Shimabara-jō), also known as Moritake Castle (森岳城 Moritake-jō) and Takaki Castle (高来城 Takaki-jō), is a Japanese castle located in Shimabara, Hizen Province (present day Nagasaki prefecture).
  • Aizuwakamatsu Castle
    Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle (会津若松城 Aizu-Wakamatsu-jō), also known as Tsuruga Castle (鶴ヶ城 Tsuru-ga-jō) is a concrete replica of a traditional Japanese castle in northern Japan, at the center of the city of Aizuwakamatsu, in Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Gifu Castle
    Gifu Castle (岐阜城 Gifu-jō) is a castle located in the city of Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
  • Maruoka Castle
    Maruoka Castle (丸岡城 Maruoka-jō) is a Japanese castle, located in Maruoka, Fukui, and famous for its donjon (tenshu), the oldest in Japan.
  • Inuyama Castle
    Inuyama Castle (犬山城 Inuyama-jō) is located in the city of Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
  • Akita Castle
    Akita Castle (秋田城 Akita-jō) refers to the ruins of a Nara period fortified settlement located in what is now the city Akita, Akita Prefecture, Japan.
  • Hiroshima Castle
    Hiroshima Castle (広島城 Hiroshima-jō), sometimes called Carp Castle (鯉城 Rijō), was a castle in Hiroshima, Japan that was the home of the daimyō (feudal lord) of the Hiroshima han (fief).
  • Hirado Castle
    Hirado Castle (平戸城 Hirado-jō) was the seat of the Matsura clan, the daimyo of Hirado Domain, of Hizen province, Kyūshū.
  • Fushimi Castle
    Fushimi Castle (伏見城 Fushimi-jō), also known as Momoyama Castle (桃山城 Momoyama-jō) or Fushimi-Momoyama Castle, is a castle in Kyoto's Fushimi Ward.
  • Iwamura Castle
    Iwamura Castle (岩村城 Iwamura-jō) was located in the southeastern area of Mino Province in Japan.
  • Edo Castle
    Edo Castle (江戸城 Edo-jō), also known as Chiyoda Castle (千代田城 Chiyoda-jō), is a flatland castle that was built in 1457 by Ōta Dōkan.
  • Matsuyama Castle (Iyo)
    Matsuyama Castle (松山城 Matsuyama-jō) is a flatland-mountain castle that was built in 1603 on Mount Katsuyama, whose height is 132 meters, in Matsuyama city in Ehime Prefecture (the former Iyo Province).
  • Himeji Castle
    Himeji Castle (姫路城 Himeji-jō) is a hilltop Japanese castle complex located in Himeji, in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
  • Ichijōdani Asakura Family Historic Ruins
    The Ichijōdani Asakura Family Historic Ruins (一乗谷朝倉氏遺跡 Ichijōdani Asakura-shi Iseki) are historic ruins located in the Kidonouchi section of Fukui, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
  • Kanazawa Castle
    Kanazawa Castle (金沢城 Kanazawa-jō) is a large, well-restored castle in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
  • Matsumoto Castle
    Matsumoto Castle (松本城 Matsumoto-jō) is one of Japan's premier historic castles, along with Himeji Castle and Kumamoto Castle.
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
    The Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居 Kōkyo, literally "Imperial Residence") is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan.
  • Kumamoto Castle
    Kumamoto Castle (熊本城 Kumamoto-jō) is a hilltop Japanese castle located in Chūō-ku, Kumamoto in Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • Jōkamachi
    The term Jokamachi (castle town) refers to a type of urban structures in Japan in which the city surrounds a feudal lord’s castle.
  • Kōgoishi
    Kōgoishi (神篭石 or 神籠石) are earthenwork structures, on a stone foundation, constructed in Japan during the Asuka period, particularly in areas around Fukuoka, on the island of Kyūshū.
  • Matsumae Castle
    Matsumae Castle (松前城 Matsumae-jō) is a castle located in Matsumae in Hokkaidō, Japan, and is the northernmost castle in Japan.
  • Chashi
    Chashi (チャシ also 砦) is the Japanese term for the hilltop fortifications of the Ainu.