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Borate minerals

Borate minerals

  • Borax
    Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid.
  • Danburite
    Danburite is a calcium boron silicate mineral with a chemical formula of CaB2(SiO4)2.
  • Jeremejevite
    Jeremejevite is a rare aluminium borate mineral with variable fluoride and hydroxide ions.
  • Ulexite
    Ulexite (NaCaB5O6(OH)6·5H2O) (hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide), sometimes known as TV rock, is a mineral occurring in silky white rounded crystalline masses or in parallel fibers.
  • Boracite
    Boracite is a magnesium borate mineral with formula: Mg3B7O13Cl.
  • Colemanite
    Colemanite (CaB3O4(OH)3·H2O) is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits of alkaline lacustrine environments.
  • Jadarite
    Jadarite is a white, earthy monoclinic silicate mineral, whose chemical formula is: LiNaSiB3O7(OH) or Na2OLi2O(SiO2)2(B2O3)3H2O.
  • Hambergite
    Hambergite (Be2BO3OH) is a beryllium borate mineral named after Swedish explorer and mineralogist Axel Hamberg (1863–1933).
  • Hydroboracite
    Hydroboracite is a hydrated borate mineral (hence the name) of calcium and magnesium, whose chemical composition is CaMgB6O8(OH)6·3H2O.
  • Kurnakovite
    Kurnakovite is a hydrated borate of magnesium with the chemical composition MgB3O3(OH)5·5H2O.
  • Painite
    Painite is a very rare borate mineral.
  • Dumortierite
    Dumortierite is a fibrous variably colored aluminium boro-silicate mineral, Al7BO3(SiO4)3O3.
  • Howlite
    Howlite, a calcium borosilicate hydroxide (Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5), is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits.
  • Kornerupine
    Kornerupine is a rare boro-silicate mineral with the formula (Mg,Fe2+)4(Al,Fe3+)6(SiO4,BO4)5(O,OH)2.
  • Sassolite
    Sassolite is a borate mineral, and is the mineral form of boric acid.
  • Perettiite-(Y)
    Perettiite-(Y) is a complex silicate–borate mineral with the formula Y2Mn4FeSi2B8O24.
  • Berborite
    Berborite is a beryllium borate mineral with the chemical formula Be2(BO3)(OH,F)·(H2O).
  • Béhierite
    Béhierite is a very rare mineral, a natural tantalum borate of the formula (Ta,Nb)BO4.
  • Cahnite
    Cahnite (Cahnit in German, Cahnita in Spanish, Канит in Russian) is a brittle white or colorless mineral that has perfect cleavage and is usually transparent.
  • Bonaccordite
    Bonaccordite is a rare mineral discovered in 1974.
  • Canavesite
    Canavesite, Mg2(HBO3)(CO3)∙5H2O, is a rare carboborate mineral from the abandoned Brosso mine in Italy.
  • Fluoborite
    Fluoborite has a chemical formula of Mg3(BO3)(F,OH)3.
  • Karlite
    Karlite (kar'-lite) is a silky white to light green orthorhombic borate mineral, not to be confused with tremolite-actinolite.
  • Ludwigite
    Ludwigite is a magnesium-iron borate mineral: Mg2FeBO5.
  • Pinnoite
    Pinnoite is a magnesium borate mineral with formula: MgB2O(OH)6 or MgB2O4·3(H2O).
  • Seamanite
    Seamanite, named for discoverer Arthur E.
  • Schiavinatoite
    Schiavinatoite is a very rare mineral, a natural niobium borate of the formula (Nb,Ta)BO4.
  • Tusionite
    Tusionite is a rare colorless to transparent to translucent yellow brown trigonal borate mineral with chemical formula: MnSn(BO3)2.
  • Warwickite
    Warwickite is an iron magnesium titanium borate mineral with formula: (MgFe)3Ti(O, BO3)2 or Mg(Ti,Fe3+, Al)(BO3)O.
  • Bakerite
    Bakerite is the common name given to hydrated calcium boro-silicate hydroxide, a borosilicate mineral (chemical formula Ca4B4(BO4)(SiO4)3(OH)3·(H2O)) that occurs in volcanic rocks in the Baker, California area.
  • Searlesite
    Searlesite is a sodium borosilicate mineral, with the chemical formula NaBSi2O5(OH)2.
  • Tienshanite
    Tienshanite, named for the Tian Shan Range in Mongolia, is a rare borosilicate mineral, though rock-forming in some parts of its original locality at the Dara-i-Pioz Glacier in Tajikistan.
  • Lucchesiite
    Lucchesiite is a new member of tourmaline-group of minerals.
  • Fontarnauite
    Fontarnauite is a relatively recently described, rare borate mineral with the formula (Na,K)2(Sr,Ca)(SO4)[B5O8(OH)]·2H2O.
  • Nioboholtite
    Nioboholtite is an extremely rare mineral with the formula (Nb0.6[]0.4)Al6BSi3O18.
  • Szklaryite
    Szklaryite is an extremely rare mineral with the formula []Al6BAs33+O15.
  • Titanoholtite
    Titanoholtite is an extremely rare mineral with the formula (Ti0.75[]0.25)Al6BSi3O18.