Blood donation

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  • World Blood Donor Day
    Every year on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).
  • Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Centre Of Malaysia)
    The National Blood Centre Of Malaysia also known as National Blood Bank (Malay language: Pusat Darah Negara or its acronym PDN) is a Malaysia’s premiere blood centre.
  • Tara Devi Tuladhar
    Tara Devi Tuladhar (Devanagari: तारा देवी तुलाधर) (21 August 1931 – 27 November 2012) was Nepal's first female blood donor and a social worker who dedicated her life to serving society.
  • Sankalp India Foundation
    Sankalp India Foundation is a Bangalore-based non-government organisation.
  • New Zealand Blood Service
    The New Zealand Blood Service (abbrev: NZBS, in te reo Māori: Te Ratonga Toto O Aotearoa) is the body primarily responsible for blood donation and related services in New Zealand.
  • Richard Lewisohn
    Richard Lewisohn (July 12, 1875 in Hamburg – August 11, 1961 in New York) was a German-American surgeon.
  • J. G. Jolly
    Dr. J. G. Jolly (born 1 October 1926) is an Indian physician and Emeritus Professor of the Department of Transfusion Medicine at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India.
  • Socialblood
    socialblood is a Facebook application that connects blood donors and recipients of the same blood type through Facebook.
  • Sandhani
    Sandhani (Bengali: সন্ধানী) is the first organized volunteer blood donation program in Bangladesh and began on 5 February 1977 with a view to donate blood among patients but it has since broadened its scope of postmortem voluntary eye donation and donating money among the poor patients.
  • Youth For Blood
    Youth For Blood "Youth For Blood” (YFB) is a youth-led, non-profitable, and service motivated circle of youths devoted to the welfare of blood donors and seekers in Nepal.
  • Mamidi Sai Akash
    Mamidi Sai Akash is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Mother Blood Bank, a non-profit online blood bank service which has world’s largest number of registered volunteer blood donors nationwide.
  • Mother Blood Bank
    Mother Blood Bank is a non-profit online blood bank service based in India which connects patients who need blood transfusion with volunteering blood donors.
  • Kanta Saroop Krishen
    Kanta Saroop Krishen is an Indian social worker and one of the founders of the Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh and the Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology.
  • NHS Blood and Transplant
    NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is an executive non-departmental public body of the United Kingdom's Department of Health.
  • Welsh Blood Service
    The Welsh Blood Service is a division of Velindre NHS Trust responsible for the collection of blood in Wales, and of the distribution of blood products to hospitals the country, as well as other related functions.