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Banks of Russia

Banks of Russia

  • Promsvyazbank
    Promsvyazbank (ЗАО "Промсвязьбанк") is a privately owned Russian bank from Moscow.
  • Bank of Moscow
    The Bank of Moscow (Банк Москвы) was a Russian bank that provided banking services to both corporate and retail customers until May 2016.
  • VTB Bank
    VTB Bank (Russian: ПАО Банк ВТБ, former Vneshtorgbank) is one of the leading universal banks of Russia.
  • Bank Saint Petersburg
    Bank Saint Petersburg is a Russian bank created in 1990 in Saint Petersburg.
  • Sberkassa
    Sberkassa (Russian: сберкасса, сберегательная касса, "sberegatelnaya kassa"; literally: "savings office") in the Soviet Union and modern Russia is a financial institution to store the savings of the population.
  • Tinkoff Bank
    Tinkoff Bank (Russian: Тинькофф банк), formerly Tinkoff Credit Systems (Russian: Тинькофф Кредитные Системы) is a Russian commercial bank based in Moscow and founded by Oleg Tinkov in 2006.
  • Alfa-Bank
    Alfa Bank JSC, the corporate treasury of the Alfa Group, is the largest private commercial bank in Russia.
  • Gazprombank
    Gazprombank (in Russian: Газпромбанк), or GPB (JSC), is the third largest bank in the Russian Federation.
  • Sberbank of Russia
    Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank, Russian: Сбербанк России, initially a contraction of "сберегательный банк" - sberegatelʹnyĭ bank; English: "Savings bank of Russia") is a Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow.
  • Novikombank
    Novikombank is a Russian bank specializing in financing of enterprises in the heavy-machinery, automotive, high-tech, oil and gas industry.
  • Otkritie FC Bank
    Otkritie FC Bank (Russian: Банк «ФК Открытие») is one of Russia's largest private listed banks.
  • Otkrytiye (bank)
    Bank Otkrytiye is a Russian commercial bank, founded in 1992.
  • Renaissance Capital (Russian company)
    Renaissance Capital is an investment banking firm from Russia.
  • Raiffeisenbank (Russia)
    ZAO Raiffeisenbank (Russian: ЗАО «Райффайзенбанк») is a bank in Russia.
  • Russian Standard Bank
    Russian Standard Bank (Russian: АО «Банк Русский Стандарт») is one of the largest Russian banks and the country's leading consumer lender.
  • Unistream
    Unistream (Russian: Юнистрим), sometimes written UNIstream Bank, is an international money transfer company and bank based in Russia.
  • B&N Bank
    B&N Bank (Russian: ПАО "БИНБАНК") - B&N Bank is one of Russia’s largest commercial banks organized as a public joint-stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Vozrozhdenie Bank
    Vozrozhdenie Bank is a Russian bank founded in 1991 and headquartered in Moscow.
  • Evrofinance Mosnarbank
    OJSC EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK is one of the biggest Russian commercial banks.
  • Russtroybank
    Russtroybank (Russian: Русстройбанк) — Russian commercial bank.
  • Credit Europe Bank
    Credit Europe Bank (CEB) is a Dutch registered bank owned by the Turkish financial holding company FIBA Group.
  • Rosselkhozbank
    Rosselkhozbank (Russian: Россельхозбанк) is a special state agricultural Agrobank, with 100% of the shares owned by the Government of Russia.
  • Rossiya Bank
    The Rossiya Bank (Bank Rossiya, in Russian: Акционерный коммерческий банк Россия, АКБ Россия) is a Russian joint stock bank founded on June 27, 1990.
  • Rosbank
    Rosbank (Russian: Росбанк) is a Russian universal bank whose majority shareholder is the international financial group Société Générale.
  • MDM Bank
    MDM Bank (Russian: Московский Деловой Мир (МДМ) Банк), literally meaning "Moscow Business World Bank" in English, is a Russian Joint Stock commercial bank, one of Russia's largest private banks based in Novosibirsk.
  • Master Bank
    Master Bank (JSB) is a private bank in Moscow.
  • Vnesheconombank
    Vnesheconombank (VEB) (Russian: Внешэкономбанк (ВЭБ)) is a Russian state corporation (a non-profit) that is a former Soviet bank.
  • Transcapitalbank
    Transcapitalbank — is a Russian commercial bank with a share of foreign capital which includes the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), German Investment Company DEG (100%-subsidiary of KfW) and International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Viking Bank
    Viking Bank is a Russian regional bank with headquarters in Saint-Petersburg.
  • Svetlana Sagaydak
    Svetlana Alekseevna Sagaydak (Russian : Cветлана Алексеевна Сагайдак, born on 3 May 1968) is a Russian finance professional and Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Board at Sberbank of Russia.