Austrian ophthalmologists

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  • Rudolf Leopold
    Rudolf Leopold (1 March 1925 – 29 June 2010) was an Austrian art collector, whose collection of 5,000 works of art was purchased by the Government of Austria and used to create the Leopold Museum, of which he was made director for life.
  • Franz Daxecker
    Franz Daxecker (born May 24, 1945 in Munderfing) is an Austrian ophthalmologist and a historian of science.
  • Karl Koller (ophthalmologist)
    Karl Koller (December 3, 1857 – March 21, 1944) was an Austrian ophthalmologist who began his medical career as a surgeon at the Vienna General Hospital and a colleague of Sigmund Freud.
  • Friedrich Jäger von Jaxtthal
    Christoph Friedrich Jäger Ritter von Jaxtthal (September 4, 1784 – December 25, 1871) was an Austrian ophthalmologist who was a native of Kirchberg an der Jagst.
  • August Leopold von Reuss
    August Leopold von Reuss (November 5, 1841 – September 4, 1924) was an Austrian ophthalmologist.
  • Karl Stellwag von Carion
    Karl Stellwag von Carion (28 January 1823 – 21 November 1904) was an Austrian ophthalmologist who was a native of Langendorf, a village in Moravia.
  • Joseph Hasner
    Joseph Hasner, Ritter von Artha (August 13, 1819 – February 2, 1892) was an Austrian ophthalmologist born in Prague.
  • Eduard Zirm
    Eduard Konrad Zirm (18 March 1863 – 15 March 1944) was an ophthalmologist who performed the first successful human full-thickness corneal transplant on 7 December 1905.
  • Eduard Jäger von Jaxtthal
    Eduard Jäger von Jaxtthal (June 25, 1818 – July 5, 1884) was an Austrian ophthalmologist who was a native of Vienna.
  • Anton Elschnig
    Anton Elschnig (22 August 1863 – 1939) was an ophthalmologist born in Leibnitz, Austria.
  • Anton von Rosas
    Anton von Rosas (23 December 1791 – 31 May 1855) was an Austrian ophthalmologist born in Pécs, Hungary.
  • Ludwig Mauthner
    Ludwig Mauthner (April 13, 1840 - October 20, 1894) was an Austrian neuroanatomist and ophthalmologist who was a native of Prague.