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Artist groups and collectives

Artist groups and collectives

  • Neue Slowenische Kunst
    Neue Slowenische Kunst (a German phrase meaning "New Slovenian Art"), a.
  • Gutai group
    The Gutai group (具体) is the first radical, post-war artistic group in Japan.
  • Solentiname Islands
    The Solentiname Islands (Spanish pronunciation: [solentiˈname]) are an archipelago towards the southern end of Lake Nicaragua (also known as Lake Cocibolca) in the Nicaraguan department of Río San Juan.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, or SFWA (/ˈsɪfwə/ or /ˈsɛfwə/) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization of professional science fiction and fantasy writers in the United States.
  • Suprematism
    Suprematism (Russian: Супремати́зм) is an art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors.
  • Artist collective
    An artist collective is an initiative that is the result of a group of artists working together, usually under their own management, towards shared aims.
  • Imperial Society for the Encouragement of the Arts
    The Imperial Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (Russian: Императорское общество поощрения художеств (ОПХ)) was an organization devoted to promoting the arts that existed in Saint Petersburg from 1820 to 1929.
  • Die Brücke
    Die Brücke (The Bridge) was a group of German expressionist artists formed in Dresden in 1905, after which the Brücke Museum in Berlin was named.
  • Hudson River School
    The Hudson River School was a mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism.
  • Royal Scottish Academy
    The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) is a Scottish organisation that promotes contemporary Scottish art.
  • Wiener Werkstätte
    Established in 1903, by Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffmann the Wiener Werkstätte (engl.: Vienna's Workshops) was a production community of visual artists in Vienna, Austria bringing together architects, artists and designers, working within the fields of ceramics, fashion, silver, furniture, and the graphic arts.
  • Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker
    Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker (abbreviated ZAZ) were an American comedy filmmaking trio consisting of Jim Abrahams and brothers David Zucker and Jerry Zucker who specialized in writing slapstick comedy films during the 1980s and the early 1990s.
  • Staraya Ladoga House of Creativity
    The House of Creativity "Staraya Ladoga" was an all-Russian centre for artistic creativity, which existed in the Volkhovsky District of Leningrad Oblast from the mid-20th century up to the 1990s.
  • AES+F
    AES+F is an artist collective formed as AES in 1987, by three Russian artists: Tatiana Arzamasova (1955), Lev Evzovich (1958), Evgeny Svyatsky (1957), and joined in 1995 by Vladimir Fridkes (1956), at which point the group was renamed to AES+F.
  • Fujiko Fujio
    Fujiko Fujio (藤子不二雄 Fujiko Fujio) was a nom de plume of a manga writing duo formed by two Japanese manga artists.
  • Mitki
    The Mitki (Russian: Митьки́; pronounced [mʲɪtʲˈki]) are an art group in St.
  • Somos Los Otros NY
    Somos Los Otros NY is a Mexican activist collective that operates primarily in New York City and Washington DC in political and cultural events that raise awareness for Mexico's current human rights crisis.
  • Monochrom
    monochrom is an international art-technology-philosophy group, founded in 1993, that defines itself as "an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science and political activism".
  • Bezalel school
    The Bezalel school was an art movement in Palestine in the late Ottoman and British Mandate periods.
  • Blacksmoke
    Blacksmoke a.k.a.
  • Taller de Gráfica Popular
    The Taller de Gráfica Popular (Spanish: "People's Graphic Workshop") is an artist's print collective founded in Mexico in 1937 by artists Leopoldo Méndez, Pablo O'Higgins, and Luis Arenal.
  • Ngā Kaihanga Uku
    Ngā Kaihanga Uku is a New Zealand collective of Māori Clayworkers.
  • Luther Blissett (nom de plume)
    Luther Blissett is a multiple-use name, an "open pop star" informally adopted and shared by hundreds of artists and activists all over Europe and the Americas since 1994.
  • Liu Dao
    Liu Dao (a Pinyin phrase meaning "island number 6" – Chinese: 六岛; pinyin: Liù dǎo, Mandarin: [ljôu tɑ̀ʊ] ) is an international multidisciplinary art collective based at the island6 Arts Center in 50 Moganshan Road M50, contemporary art district Shanghai, China.
  • Foundland
    Foundland is an art collective founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by Syrian artist Ghalia Elsrakbi and South African artist, Lauren Alexander.
  • K-HOLE (trend forecasting group)
    K-HOLE is a trend forecasting group founded by Greg Fong, Sean Monahan, Chris Sherron, Emily Segal, and Dena Yago in 2010.
  • Phunk Studio
    Phunk Studio is a Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective formed by four Singaporean artists/designers: Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan, and William Chan.
  • Torolab
    Torolab is an artist collective, workshop and laboratory of contextual studies that identifies situations or phenomena of interest for research, basing the studies in the realm of life styles to better grasp the idea of quality of life.