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Anti-communist organizations

Anti-communist organizations

  • Pamyat
    Pamyat (Russian: Память, Russian: Общество «Память», Russian pronunciation: [ˈpamʲɪtʲ]; English translation: "Memory" Society) identifies itself as the "People's National-patriotic Orthodox Christian movement.
  • Charter 77
    Charter 77 (Charta 77 in Czech and in Slovak) was an informal civic initiative in communist Czechoslovakia from 1976 to 1992, named after the document Charter 77 from January 1977.
  • Grey Wolves (organization)
    The Grey Wolves (Turkish: Bozkurtlar), officially known as Ülkü Ocakları (Turkish: [ylcy od͡ʒɑkɫɑɾɯ]; "Idealist Clubs" or "Idealist Hearths"), is a Turkish nationalist organization.
  • House Un-American Activities Committee
    The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Deutsche Reichspartei
    The Deutsche Reichspartei (DRP, English: German Reich Party, German Imperial Party or German Empire Party) was a nationalist political party in West Germany.
  • Mano Blanca
    Mano Blanca (English: White Hand), was a Guatemalan right-wing, anti-communist death squad, set up in 1966 to prevent Julio César Méndez Montenegro from being inaugurated as the president of Guatemala.
  • Independent Students' Union
    Independent Students’ Association (Polish: Niezależne Zrzeszenie Studentów, NZS) is a Polish student society, created in October 1980, in the aftermath of the Gdańsk Agreement and the anti-government strike actions (see: History of Solidarity).
  • Kampfgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit
    The Kampfgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit (KgU) (German for "Combat Group against Inhumanity") was a German anti-communist resistance group based in West Berlin.
  • Workers' Defence Committee
    The Workers' Defense Committee (Polish: Komitet Obrony Robotników pronounced [kɔmitɛt ɔbrɔnɨ rɔbɔtɲikuf], KOR) was a Polish civil society group that was founded by Antoni Macierewicz to give aid to prisoners and their families after the June 1976 protests and ensuing government crackdown.
  • Armia Krajowa Obywatelska
    Armia Krajowa Obywatelska (AKO, Citizens' Home Army) was a Polish military anticommunist organization, and a successor of the disbanded Polish anti-Nazi resistance Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK).
  • Nicaraguan Democratic Force
    The Nicaraguan Democratic Force (Fuerza Democrática Nicaragüense, or FDN) was one of the earliest Contra groups, formed on August 11, 1981 in Guatemala City.
  • United Nicaraguan Opposition
    The United Nicaraguan Opposition (Unidad Nicaragüense Opositora, UNO) was a Nicaraguan rebel umbrella group formed in 1985, led by the triumvirate of Adolfo Calero, Alfonso Robelo, and Arturo Cruz.
  • International Entente Against the Third International
    The International Entente Against the Third International (French: Entente internationale contre la III:e internationale, after 1938 the International Anticommunist Entente, French: Entente Internationale Anticommuniste EIA) was an international anti-communist organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Antisemitic League of France
    The Antisemitic League of France (French: Ligue antisémitique de France) was founded in 1889 by the journalist Edouard Drumont.