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  • Mirabelle plum
    The mirabelle plum, also known as the mirabelle prune (Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca), is the edible drupaceous fruit of the mirabelle plum tree, a cultivar of the plum tree of the genus Prunus.
  • Griotte de Kleparow
    Griotte de Kleparow (Ukrainian: Череха клепарівська, French: Griotte de Kleparow, German: Kleparower Süssweichsel — literally "Sweet Cherry of Klepariv") is a dark-red morello, or Griotte, type of cherry which originated from the outskirts of Lviv in western Ukraine.
  • Neillieae
    Neillieae is a tribe of flowering plants in Rose family.
  • Hesperomeles ferruginea
    Hesperomeles ferruginea is an evergreen shrub or tree in the Rosaceae family, native to montane forests on the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia.
  • Hesperomeles obtusifolia
    Hesperomeles obtusifolia is a species of plant native to South America.
  • Exochorda racemosa
    Exochorda racemosa, pearlbush or common pearlbush, is a species of plant in the rose family.
  • Rhaphiolepis
    Rhaphiolepis (/ˌræfiˈɒlᵻpɪs/ or /ˌræfioʊˈlɛpᵻs/;) is a genus of about fifteen species of evergreen shrubs and small trees in the family Rosaceae, native to warm temperate and subtropical eastern and southeastern Asia, from southern Japan, southern Korea and southern China south to Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Holodiscus
    Holodiscus (syn. Sericotheca) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rosaceae, native to the Americas, from southwestern British Columbia, Canada and the western United States south to Bolivia.
  • Petrophytum
    Petrophytum (orth. var. Petrophyton) is a small genus of plants in the rose family known as the rock spiraeas or rockmats.
  • Hesperomeles
    Hesperomeles is a genus of South American evergreen trees of the family Rosaceae that has sometimes been included along with Pyracantha in the genus Osteomeles.
  • Stephanandra
    Stephanandra is a genus in the family Rosaceae that is sometimes included in the genus Neillia.
  • Chamaebatiaria
    Chamaebatiaria is a monotypic genus of aromatic shrub in the rose family containing the single species Chamaebatiaria millefolium, which is known by the common names fern bush and desert sweet.
  • Pygeum (plant)
    Pygeum is a genus consisting of tropical trees or shrubs limited to tropical Africa, South & South-east Asia, Northeastern Australia, New Guinea and some Pacific Islands.