American seismologists

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  • Bruce Bolt
    Bruce Alan Bolt (February 15, 1930 – July 21, 2005) was an Australian-born American seismologist and a professor of earth and planetary science at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Kerry Sieh
    Kerry E. Sieh is an American geologist and seismologist.
  • Harry O. Wood
    Harry Oscar Wood (1879 – 1958) was an American seismologist who made several significant contributions in the field of seismology in the early twentieth-century.
  • Brian Tucker
    Brian E. Tucker is a seismologist specializing in disaster prevention.
  • John G. Anderson
    John G. Anderson (born 1948) is an American seismologist and Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • John Vidale
    John Emilio Vidale (March 15, 1959 –) is an American-born seismologist who specializes in examining seismograms to explore features within the Earth.
  • Paul G. Richards
    Paul G. Richards (born March 1943) is an English-born, American seismologist who has made fundamental contributions to the theory of seismic wave link propagation and in methods to understand how the recorded shapes of seismic waves are affected by processes of diffraction, attenuation and scattering.
  • Norman Haskell
    Norman Abraham Haskell (1905-1970), was an American geophysicist Starting his graduate work on measuring the viscosity of the mantle, Haskell made major contributions to geophysics over a career that lasted nearly 40 years.
  • Maurice Ewing
    William Maurice "Doc" Ewing (May 12, 1906 – May 4, 1974) was an American geophysicist and oceanographer.
  • Lucy Jones
    Lucile M. Jones (born 1955) is a seismologist and public voice for earthquake science and earthquake safety in California.
  • Nicholas H. Heck
    Captain Nicholas H.
  • Keiiti Aki
    Keiiti Aki (安芸 敬一 Aki Keiichi, March 3, 1930 – May 17, 2005) was a Japanese-American professor of Geophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), seismologist, author and mentor.
  • Thomas Corwin Mendenhall
    He taught at a number of schools in Ohio including Central High School (Columbus, Ohio) gaining an impressive reputation as a teacher and educator until 1873 when, although lacking conventional academic credentials, he was appointed professor of physics and mechanics at the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College.
  • Thomas H. Heaton
    Thomas H. (Tom) Heaton is an American seismologist, known for his influential contributions in earthquake source physics and earthquake early warning.
  • George Plafker
    George Plafker is an American geologist and seismologist who has made significant contributions to both fields, with research focused on subduction, tsunami, and the geology of Alaska.
  • Inés Cifuentes
    Inés Lucia Cifuentes (April 26, 1954 – December 16, 2014) was an English-born American seismologist and educator.
  • Karen Cook McNally
    Karen Cook McNally (1940 – December 20, 2014) was an American seismologist.
  • Susan Hough
    Susan Elizabeth Hough (born March 20, 1961) is a seismologist at the United States Geological Survey in Pasadena, California, and scientist in charge of the office.
  • Jon Claerbout
    Jon F. Claerbout (born 1937) is the Cecil Green Professor Emeritus of Geophysics at Stanford University.
  • Hugo Benioff
    Victor Hugo Benioff (September 14, 1899 – February 1, 1968) was an American seismologist and a professor at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Leon Knopoff
    Leon Knopoff (July 1, 1925 – January 20, 2011) was a geophysicist and musicologist.
  • Clarence Allen (geologist)
    Clarence Roderic Allen (born February 15, 1925) is a geologist who studies seismology.
  • Charles Rogers (murder suspect)
    Charles Frederick Rogers (1921 – disappeared June 23, 1965) was an American seismologist, pilot, and suspected murderer.
  • Hugh W. Hardy
    Major General Hugh W.
  • James B. Macelwane
    James B. Macelwane, S.