American oncologists

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  • Leonard Erickson
    Leonard C. Erickson was the Robert Wallace Miller Professor of Oncology at the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Cancer Center, and he also served as Deputy Director of the Indiana University Cancer Center.
  • Vincent T. DeVita
    Vincent Theodore DeVita, Jr.
  • Robert Peter Gale
    Robert Peter Gale (born October 11, 1945) is an American physician and medical researcher.
  • James F. Holland
    James Frederick Holland (born May 25, 1925) is an American physician and Distinguished Professor of Neoplastic Diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.
  • Stuart A. Aaronson
    Stuart A. Aaronson, M.
  • Peter Nowell
    Peter C. Nowell, MD, (born February 8, 1928) is a cancer researcher and co-discoverer of the Philadelphia Chromosome.
  • Harry Gelboin
    Dr. Harry V. Gelboin (1929-2010) was a cancer research scientist who made major contributions to our knowledge of chemical carcinogenesis.
  • Donald Morton
    Donald Lee Morton (September 12, 1934 - January 10, 2014) was an American oncologist who was best known for developing sentinel lymph node evaluation, a procedure that, by some estimates, saves the U.
  • Eugene Nicholas Myers
    Eugene Nicholas Myers (born November 27, 1933) is an oncologist and otolaryngologist and a leader in the treatment of head and neck cancer.
  • Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa
    Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa (also known as "Dr. Q") is a neurosurgeon, author, and researcher.
  • John A. Boockvar
    John A. Boockvar is a neurosurgeon.
  • Jonathan Simons
    Jonathan W. Simons, MD is a physician-scientist, medical oncologist, and an internationally recognized leader in prostate cancer research.
  • Joseph H. Burchenal
    Joseph H. Burchenal, MD (December 21, 1912 – March 8, 2006) was an American oncologist, and a winner of the 1972 Albert Lasker Award for Medical Research for his work on developing a chemotherapy for Burkitt's lymphoma.
  • Arie Belldegrun
    Arie S. Belldegrun (born 1949), MD, FACS, is an Israeli-born American urologic oncologist, businessman, and investor.
  • David Gorski
    David H. Gorski is an American surgical oncologist, Professor of surgery at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, specializing in breast cancer surgery.
  • Thomas P. Loughran Jr.
    Thomas P. Loughran, Jr.
  • John Ruckdeschel
    John C. Ruckdeschel is an American oncologist who has written 160 peer reviewed articles.
  • Steven Rosenberg
    Steven A. Rosenberg (born 2 August 1940) is a Jewish American cancer researcher and surgeon.
  • Juan A. del Regato
    Juan A. del Regato (1 March 1909—12 June 1999) was an oncologist.
  • Kenneth J. Pienta
    Kenneth J. Pienta is the Donald S.
  • James Ewing (pathologist)
    James Stephen Ewing (/ˈjuːɪŋ/) (December 25, 1866, Pittsburgh – May 16, 1943, New York City) was an American pathologist.
  • Shahrokh Shariat
    Shahrokh François Shariatis currently professor and chairman of the Department of Urology at the Medical University of Vienna, Vienna General Hospital, Austria.
  • Wolfram Samlowski
    Wolfram Samlowski is a medical oncologist with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) and a member of the Research Developmental Therapeutics and Genitourinary Committees for US Oncology.
  • Yehuda Patt
    Yehuda Patt is a liver cancer specialist, gastrointestinal oncologist, and Professor of Medicine at the University of New Mexico, and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Stanley J. Korsmeyer
    Stanley Joel Korsmeyer (8 June 1950 – 31 March 2005) was an American oncologist.
  • Howard E. Skipper
    Howard Earle Skipper (born in Avon Park, Florida on November 21, 1915; died in Mountain Brook, Alabama on January 2, 2006) was a noted American oncologist.
  • Henry Harrington Janeway
    Henry Harrington Janeway (19 March 1873 – 1 February 1921) was an American physician and pioneer of radiation therapy.
  • Fadlo R. Khuri
    Fadlo R. Khuri is a Lebanese-American oncologist specializing in the study of cancers of the lung and aerodigestive tract.
  • Dennis Slamon
    Dennis Joseph Slamon (born August 8, 1948), is an American oncologist and chief of the division of Hematology-Oncology at UCLA.
  • James Lewis Abbruzzese
    James Lewis Abbruzzese, MD is the Chief of the Duke Division of Medical Oncology and Associate Director for Clinical Research for the Duke Cancer Institute.
  • William G. Nelson
    William G. Nelson M.
  • Marc Straus
    Marc Straus is an art gallery owner, poet and a retired oncologist.
  • Stephen Hahn
    Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, M.
  • Steven Libutti
    Steven K. Libutti, FACS (born April 18, 1964) is an American surgeon and scientist.
  • Carlos Cordon-Cardo
    Carlos Cordon-Cardo (born 1957) is a Spanish-born American physician and scientist known for his research in experimental pathology and molecular oncology.
  • O. Carl Simonton
    O. Carl Simonton (born 29 June 1942 in Los Angeles, died 18 June 2009 Agoura Hills) was a specialist in radiology and oncology.
  • Brian Druker
    Brian J. Druker (born April 30, 1955) is a physician-scientist at Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland, Oregon.
  • William K. Oh
    William K. Oh, M.
  • William S. Dalton
    William S. Dalton is an American physician and oncologist, who is board certified in internal medicine and oncology.
  • Parker Griffith
    Rolf Parker Griffith, Jr.
  • William Coley
    William Bradley Coley (January 12, 1862 – April 16, 1936) was an American bone surgeon and cancer researcher, pioneer of cancer immunotherapy.
  • Douglas R. Lowy
    Douglas R. Lowy (born c. 1940s) is the Acting Director of the U.
  • Kenneth Offit
    Kenneth Offit (born February 19, 1955) is an American cancer geneticist and oncologist.
  • Bernard Lewinsky
    Bernard Salomon Lewinsky (born January 10, 1943) is a Salvadoran-born American physician and medical researcher.
  • Minesh Mehta
    Professor Minesh P Mehta, MD, FASTRO, is an American radiation oncologist and physician-scientist of Indian origin, Ugandan birth, Zambian Schooling and American Training, who contributed to the field of oncology for more than two and half decades.
  • Nicholas J. Vogelzang
    Nicholas J. Vogelzang is a medical oncologist with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN).
  • Frederick Pei Li
    Frederick Pei Li (May 7, 1940 – June 12, 2015) was a Chinese-American physician.
  • Marisa Weiss
    Marisa C. Weiss, M.
  • Robert Abbe
    Robert Abbe (April 13, 1851 – March 7, 1928) was an American surgeon and pioneer radiologist in New York City.
  • Barnett Rosenberg
    Barnett Rosenberg (16 November 1926 – 8 August 2009) was an American chemist best known for the discovery of the anti-cancer drug cisplatin.
  • Mary S. Sherman
    Mary Stults Sherman (April 21, 1913 – July 21, 1964) was an orthopedic surgeon and cancer researcher in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Craig B. Thompson
    Craig B. Thompson (born 1953) is an American cell biologist and current president of the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center.
  • Jane C. Wright
    Jane Cooke Wright (also known as "Jane Jones") (November 30, 1919 – February 19, 2013) was a pioneering cancer researcher and surgeon noted for her contributions to chemotherapy.
  • Jerome Groopman
    Jerome E. Groopman has been a staff writer in medicine and biology for The New Yorker since 1998.