American industrialists

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  • Philip K. Wrigley
    Philip Knight Wrigley (December 5, 1894 – April 12, 1977), sometimes also called P.
  • Nathan Straus
    Nathan Straus (January 31, 1848 – January 11, 1931) was an American merchant and philanthropist who co-owned two of New York City's biggest department stores, R.
  • William Wrigley Jr.
    William Wrigley Jr.
  • Alfred P. Sloan
    Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Jr.
  • Richard B. Mellon
    Richard Beatty Mellon (March 19, 1858 – December 1, 1933), sometimes R.
  • Richard Jarvis
    Richard William Hart Jarvis (November 30, 1829 – January 21, 1903) was the brother-in-law of Samuel Colt who took control of Colt's Manufacturing Company on the death of Elisha K.
  • Wellington R. Burt
    Wellington R. Burt (August 26, 1831 – March 2, 1919) was a wealthy lumber baron from Saginaw, Michigan.
  • Fred Zollner
    Fred Zollner (January 22, 1901 – June 21, 1982) was called "Mr.
  • Michael Cudahy (industrialist)
    Michael Cudahy (December 7, 1841 – November 27, 1910) was an American industrialist who, along with two brothers, established the Cudahy Packing Company in 1890.
  • Israel Rogosin
    Israel Rogosin (March 15, 1887 – April 1971) was an eminent American industrialist in the textile industry and a philanthropist.
  • N. O. Nelson
    Nils Olas Nelson (September 11, 1844 - October 5, 1922) was an American industrialist and businessman who was the founder of the N.
  • William Ellis Corey
    William Ellis Corey (1866 - May 11, 1934) was president of the Carnegie Steel Company from 1901 to 1903, and was president of U.
  • J.E. Hamilton
    J.E. Hamilton (May 19, 1852 - July 10, 1940) was an American industrialist who was the founder of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin which was the largest manufacturer of wood type in the United States.
  • Isaac Rice
    Isaac Leopold Rice (February 22, 1850 – November 2, 1915) was a German-born Jewish American businessman, investor, musicologist, author, and noted chess patron.
  • Bradish Johnson
    Bradish Johnson (April 22, 1811 – November 3, 1892) was an American industrialist.
  • William Ziegler
    William Ziegler, Sr.
  • Benjamin Hanks
    Benjamin Hanks is generally accepted to be the first person to make bronze cannons and church bells in the United States.
  • Daniel Littlefield
    Daniel Greene Littlefield (November 23, 1822 – May 31, 1891) was a haircloth mill owner in Central Falls, Rhode Island and Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island for one term 1889–1890.
  • Charles F. Conrad
    Charles Frederick Conrad (July 8, 1917 – September 2, 1995) was the founder of the Lake Michigan Carferry Service.
  • G. David Thompson
    George David Thompson (March 20, 1899 – June 26, 1965) was an American investment banker, industrialist, and modern art collector, based in Pittsburgh.
  • L. Lewis Sagendorph
    L. Lewis Sagendorph (September 26, 1842 – April 13, 1909) was an American inventor and leading manufacturer of sheet metal products in the late 19th and very early 20th centuries.
  • Charles Diebold
    Charles Diebold (October 24, 1824 – March 5, 1894) was an German-American industrialist who was the founder of Diebold.
  • Christian Hedemann
    Christian Jacob Hedemann (25 May 1852 – 18 May 1932) was a Danish mechanical engineer who settled in Hawaii in 1878, where he worked at the Hana Sugar Plantation and the Honolulu Iron Works.
  • Charles Edward Coffin
    Charles Edward Coffin (July 18, 1841 – May 24, 1912) was an American industrialist and politician who lived his adult life in Maryland.
  • Daniel Montgomery Boyd
    Daniel Montgomery Boyd (April 23, 1826 – July 4, 1899) was an American industrialist.
  • W. B. Belknap
    W. B. Belknap, also known as William Burke Belknap (the elder) (1811–1889), not to be confused with his grandson William Burke Belknap (the younger) (1885–1965) or great-grandson William Burke Belknap, Jr.
  • Daniel Conover
    Daniel Denice Conover (1822 – August 15, 1896) was an American public servant, political activist and industrialist.
  • George Gordon Crawford
    George Gordon Crawford (August 24, 1869 – March 20, 1936) was an American industrialist.
  • Frank J. Cooke
    Frank J. Cooke (c. 1922 – c. 1996) was a two-term Republican mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut from 1961 to 1965.
  • Frank E. Sagendorph, 2nd
    Frank Elijah Sagendorph, 2nd (March 28, 1883 – May 5, 1972) was a leading Philadelphia industrialist and president of the Penn Metal Corporation of Pennsylvania, also known as Penco, which was headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • William B. Rice
    William Ball Rice (1 April, 1840 – 21 May, 1909) was an American industrialist who co-founded Rice & Hutchins, a shoe manufacturing company with main offices in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Benjamin Franklin Jones (industrialist)
    Benjamin Franklin Jones, Sr.
  • Henry Burden
    Henry Burden (April 22, 1791 – January 19, 1871) was an engineer and businessman who built an industrial complex in Troy, New York called the Burden Iron Works.
  • Rowland G. Hazard
    Rowland Gibson Hazard (October 9, 1801 – June 24, 1888) was an American industrialist, politician, and social reformer.
  • William Richardson Belknap
    William Richardson Belknap (March 28, 1849 – June 2, 1914), was the son of William Burke Belknap the elder and Mary Richardson.
  • Aaron Feuerstein
    Aaron Feuerstein (born December 11, 1925) is an American businessman, philanthropist, and was the third-generation owner and CEO of Malden Mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
  • Aaron S. French
    Aaron Samuel French (March 23, 1823 – March 24, 1902) was an American industrialist and philanthropist.
  • Howard E. Coffin
    Howard Earle Coffin (September 6, 1873 – November 21, 1937) was an American automobile engineer and industrialist.