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  • Vitrella brassicaformis
    Vitrella brassicaformis, also known as a 'chromerid', is a species of protist isolated from the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Voromonas
    Voromonas is a genus of predatory protozoa.
  • Perkinsozoa
    Perkinsozoa is a proposed phylum in the superphylum Alveolata, which was suggested to account for the genus Perkinsus and other protist species that do not fit into existing Alveolata phyla.
  • Perkinsus
    Perkinsus is a genus of protists in the phylum Perkinsozoa.
  • Perkinsidae
    Perkinsidae is a family of protists in the phylum Perkinsozoa, a sister group to the dinoflagellates.
  • Perkinsus marinus
    Perkinsus marinus is a species of protist belonging to the phylum Perkinsozoa.
  • Perkinsea
    Perkinsea is a class of alveolates.
  • Myzozoa
    Myzozoa is a grouping of specific phyla within Alveolata, that either feed through myzocytosis, or were ancestrally capable of feeding through myzocytosis.
  • Rhytidocystidae
    Rhytidocystidae is a family within the order Agamococcidiorida of the phylum Apicomplexa.
  • Ellobiopsis
    Ellobiopsis is a genus of alveolae parasitic protozoa.
  • Chromera velia
    Chromera velia, also known as a "chromerid", is a unicellular photosynthetic organism in the superphylum Alveolata.
  • Cyrilia
    Cyrilia is a genus of parasitic protozoa in the phylum Apicomplexia.
  • Acrocoelus
    Acrocoelus is a genus of alveolate.
  • Colpodellida
    Colpodellida is an order of alveolate protists, which includes small predatory species such as Colpodella pugnax.
  • Calpionellidae
    Calpionella are an extinct family of eucaryotic single celled organisms.
  • Calpionella
    Calpionella are an extinct genus of eucaryotic single celled animals.