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Agricultural gods

Agricultural gods

  • Chaac
    Chaac (also spelled Chac or, in Classic Mayan, Chaahk [t͡ʃaːhk]) is the name of the Maya rain deity.
  • Freyr
    Freyr or Frey is one of the most important gods of Norse religion.
  • Mahākāla
    Mahākāla (Sanskrit: Mahākāla, Devanagari: महाकाल) is a deity common to Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
  • Saturn (mythology)
    Saturn (Latin: Saturnus Latin pronunciation: [saˈtʊr.nʊs]) is a god in ancient Roman religion, and a character in myth.
  • Tlaloc
    Tlaloc (Classical Nahuatl: Tlāloc [ˈtɬaːlok]) was an important god in Aztec religion; as supreme god of the rains, he was also by extension a god of fertility and of water.
  • Daikokuten
    In Japan, Daikokuten (大黒天), the god of great darkness or blackness, or the god of five cereals, is one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Fukujin).
  • Rongo
    Rongo, with his brothers Tū, Tāne, Tāwhirimātea, Tangaroa and Haumia-tiketike, separated the primordial parents Rangi and Papa to allow daylight into the world.
  • Ninurta
    Ninurta was a Sumerian and the Akkadian god of hunting and war.
  • Ukko
    Ukko, or Äijä or Äijö (Finnish: male grandparent, grandfather, old man), parallel in Estonian mythology to Uku, is the god of the sky, weather, harvest and thunder in Finnish mythology.
  • Veles (god)
    Veles (Cyrillic: Велес; Polish: Weles; Czech, Slovak: Veles; Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic: Велесъ; Belarusian: Вялес (Vialies)), also known as Volos (Russian: Волос) (listed as a Christian saint in Old Russian texts), is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, forests and the underworld.
  • Tammuz (deity)
    Tammuz (Syriac: ܬܡܘܙ‎; Hebrew: תַּמּוּז, Transliterated Hebrew: Tammuz, Tiberian Hebrew: Tammûz; Arabic: تمّوز‎‎ Tammūz; Akkadian: Duʾzu, Dūzu; Sumerian: Dumuzid (DUMU.ZI(D), "faithful or true son") is a Sumerian god of food and vegetation, also worshiped in the later Mesopotamian states of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia.
  • Liber
    In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Liber /ˈlaɪbər/ ("the free one"; Latin: Līber [ˈliːbɛr]), also known as Liber Pater ("the free Father") was a god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom.
  • Enkimdu
    Enkimdu is the Sumerian god of farming, in charge of canals and ditches, a task assigned to him by the water god Enki during his organization of the world.