19th-century pianists

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  • Julian Fontana
    Julian (or Jules) Fontana (31 July 1810 – 23 December 1869) was a Polish pianist, composer, lawyer, author, translator, and entrepreneur, best remembered as a close friend and musical executor of Polish-French composer Frédéric Chopin.
  • Angelo Mascheroni
    Angelo Mascheroni (1855 in Bergamo, Italy – 1905) was a pianist composer, conductor, and music teacher, brother of the conductor Edoardo Mascheroni.
  • Johann Gottfried Eckard
    Johann Gottfried Eckard (Eckhardt) (21 January 1735 – 24 July 1809) was a German pianist and composer.
  • Carl Heymann
    Carl Heymann (also Karl; 1853 in Filehne, (or Oct. 4, 1854 in Amsterdam) – 1922 in Bingen), was a virtuoso German pianist, composer and piano teacher.
  • Samuel de Lange
    Samuel de Lange Jr.
  • Johanna Kinkel
    Johanna Kinkel (8 July 1810 – 15 November 1858) was a German composer, writer, and revolutionary.
  • Ethel Hobday
    Ethel Hobday, née Sharpe (28 November 1872, Dublin – 10 July 1947, Tankerton) was an Irish pianist, who became famous in chamber-music recitals especially in England, and was married to the violist Alfred Charles Hobday.
  • Carl Tausig
    Carl (or Karl) Tausig (4 November 1841 – 17 July 1871) was a Polish virtuoso pianist, arranger and composer.
  • Erika Nissen
    Erika Nissen, née Lie (17 January 1845 – 27 October 1903), also known as Erika Røring Møinichen Lie Nissen, was a Norwegian pianist.
  • Arseny Koreshchenko
    Arseny Nikolayevich Koreshchenko (Russian: Арсений Николаевич Корещенко, 18 December 1870 – 6 January 1921) was a Russian pianist and composer of classical music, including operas and ballets.
  • John Francis Barnett
    John Francis Barnett (16 October 1837 – 24 November 1916) was an English music composer and teacher.
  • Princess Elena Bibescu
    Princess Elena Bibescu (1855 – October 18, 1902) was a Romanian nobelwoman and pianist, regarded as one of the greatest pianists of Europe in the nineteenth century.
  • Marie-Clotilde-Elisabeth Louise de Riquet, comtesse de Mercy-Argenteau
    Marie-Clotilde-Elisabeth Louise de Riquet (3 June 1837 – 8 November 1890) was the eldest daughter of Michel Gabriel Alphonse Ferdinand de Riquet (1810–1865), created prince de Chimay 1834, for himself only, and Rosalie de Riquet de Caraman (1814–1872)
  • Charles Mayer (composer)
    Charles Mayer (21 March 1799 in Königsberg – 2 July 1862 in Dresden), also known as Carl Mayer or Charles Meyer, was a Prussian pianist and composer active in the early 19th century.
  • Martin Krause
    Martin Krause (June 17, 1853 – August 2, 1918) was a German concert pianist, piano teacher, music critic, and writer.
  • Hans Skramstad
    Hans Skramstad (26 December 1797 – 15 June 1839) was a Norwegian pianist and composer.
  • Michele Esposito
    Michele Esposito (29 September 1855 – 19 November 1929) was an Italian musical composer, conductor and pianist who spent most of his professional life in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Carl Heins
    Carl Heins (1859 - 10 September 1923) was a German pianist, and a composer of light salon music in classical music style.
  • Alfred Quidant
    Pierre Robert Joseph (Alfred) Quidant (1815–1893) was a French pianist, composer and music teacher born 7 December 1815 in Lyon, France, the son of a merchant of musical instruments.
  • Beniamino Cesi
    Beniamino Cesi (6 November 1845 – 19 January 1907) was a celebrated Italian concert pianist and teaching professor of piano, who taught many of the most distinguished early 20th century pianists of the Neapolitan school, so that his influence spread very widely.
  • George Pinto
    George Pinto (25 September 1785 – 23 March 1806) was an English composer and keyboard virtuoso.
  • Johann Leopold Abel
    Johann Leopold Abel (24 July 1795 - 1871) was a German pianist and composer.
  • John Liptrot Hatton
    John Liptrot Hatton (12 October 1809 – 10 September 1886) was an English musical composer, conductor, pianist, accompanist and singer.
  • Pedro Blanco López
    Pedro Blanco López (1883–1919) was a Spanish pianist and academic.
  • Bertha Frensel Wegener
    Bertha Frensel Wegener-Koopman (17 September 1874, Bloemendaal – 17 July 1953, Amsterdam) was a Dutch composer and music educator.
  • Grete Trakl
    Grete Trakl, full name Margarethe Jeanne Trakl, married name Grete Langen (* 8 August 1891 in Salzburg; † 21 September 1917 in Berlin) was an Austrian pianist and sister of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl.
  • Emmeline Mary Dogherty Woolley
    Emmeline Mary Dogherty Woolley (1843 – 18 March 1908) was an Australian choir leader, church musician, composer, music teacher, organist and pianist.
  • Enrique Saborido
    Enrique Saborido (1877–1941), was an Uruguayan tango pianist, composer and dance teacher, who also played violin.
  • Julian Clifford
    Julian Seymour Clifford (b. London, 28 September 1877; d. Hastings, 27 December 1921) was an English conductor, composer and pianist particularly associated with the orchestras at Harrogate and Hastings, which he carried to a high level of accomplishment, introducing new works by English composers and encouraging soloists of national standing to perform in the provinces.
  • Wilhelm Würfel
    Wilhelm Würfel, aka Wenzel Würfel (Czech: Václav Vilém Würfel , Polish: Wilhelm Wacław Würfel; May 6, 1790 - March 23, 1832) was a Czech composer, pianist and conductor.
  • Alfred Dörffel
    Alfred Dörffel (24 January 1821 – 22 January 1905) was a German pianist, music publisher and librarian.
  • Cristóbal Oudrid
    Cristóbal (Carlos Domingo Romualdo y Ricardo) Oudrid y Segura (Spanish pronunciation: [Kɾis´toβal Ouð´ɾið i Se´ɣuɾa], 7 February 1825 – 13 March 1877) was a Spanish pianist, conductor, and composer.
  • John Bost
    Jean Antoine Bost (March 4, 1817 in Moutier-Grandval, canton of Bern-1 November 1881) was a Swiss Calvinist pastor and musician.
  • Francis Korbay
    Francis Alexander Korbay (May 8, 1846 – March 9, 1913) was a Hungarian musician.
  • Serafino Amedeo De Ferrari
    Serafino Amedeo De Ferrari (6 May 1824 – 27 March 1885) was an Italian composer, conductor, organist, and pianist.
  • Macedonio Alcalá
    Macedonio Alcalá Prieto (September 12, 1831 in Oaxaca, Oaxaca – August 24, 1869 in Oaxaca, Oaxaca) was a Mexican violinist, pianist and songwriter remembered today especially for his waltz, "Dios nunca muere" (God Never Dies).
  • Carl Friedberg
    Carl Rudolf Hermann Friedberg (September 18, 1872 Bingen, Germany - September 9, 1955 Meran, Italy) was a German pianist and teacher.
  • Louise Japha
    Louise Japha (also Louise Langhans-Japha; 2 February 1826 – 13 October 1910) was a German pianist and composer.
  • Franz Hünten
    Franz Hünten, often billed as François Hünten (26 December 1792 – 22 February 1878), was a German pianist and composer of salon music.
  • Heinrich Hofmann (composer)
    Heinrich Karl Johann Hofmann (13 January 1842, Berlin – 16 July 1902, Groß-Tabarz, present-day Thuringia) was a German composer and pianist.
  • Dionys Pruckner
    Dionys Pruckner (12 May 1834 München – 1 December 1896 Heidelberg) was a noted pianist and music teacher at Stuttgart.
  • Alessandro Sala
    Alessandro Sala (15 April 1816 – 7 February 1890) was an Italian composer, organist, and pianist.
  • Alexandre Goria
    Alexandre Édouard Goria (21 January 1823 – 6 July 1860) was a French virtuoso pianist and composer recognised among amateurs enthusiasts for his numerous salon pieces of different styles, which enjoyed great success at their time.
  • Armand Limnander
    Baron Armand-Marie Ghislain Limnander van Nieuwenhove (born 22 May 1814 in Ghent, Belgium – d. 15 August 1892 at the Château de Moignanville, a village in the department of Seine-et-Oise, France) was a Belgian composer of choral and orchestral works and church music.
  • Caroline Reinagle
    Caroline Reinagle (born Caroline Orger) (1 May 1817 – 11 March 1892) was an English composer, pianist, and writer.
  • J. E. Goodson
    John Edward Goodson (1808–1892) was a 19th-century North American classical music educator, performer, composer, and conductor.
  • Jacques Gregoir
    Joseph (Jacques) Grégoir (Gregoir) (18 Jan 1817 – 28 October 1876) was a Belgian pianist and composer.