18th-century merchants

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  • Andrew Wodrow
    Andrew Wodrow (1752–1814) was a prominent Scottish American merchant, militia officer, clerk of court, lawyer, and landowner in the colony (and later U.S. state) of Virginia.
  • Andreas Bodenhoff
    Andreas Bodenhoff (5 January 1723 - 8 August 1794) eas a Danish merchant, shipowner and ship builder.
  • Niels Brock
    Niels Brock (19 March 1731 – 4 October 1802) was a Danish merchant.
  • Thomas Cushing II
    Thomas Cushing II (1694 – April 1746) was an American merchant, lawyer and politician who served as Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1742 to 1745.
  • John Henry Cox
    John Henry Cox (c. 1750 – 5 October 1791) was an English explorer who charted Great Oyster Bay, Maria Island, and Marion Bay on the east coast of Tasmania in 1789, aboard his armed brig HMS Mercury.
  • Joseph Wharton (1707–1776)
    Joseph Wharton (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 4, 1707; died there on July 27, 1776) was a successful merchant, and the owner of "Walnut Grove," a country place on Fifth street, near Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, on which the Mischianza of 1778 was held.
  • Juan Miguel de Esparza
    Juan Miguel de Esparza (1712–1766) was a Spanish nobleman, Alcalde, Regidor and Alférez real of Buenos Aires during the Viceroyalty of Peru.
  • Jonathan Forward
    Jonathan Forward (1680–1760) was a London merchant primarily responsible for convict transportation to the American colonies from 1718 to 1739.
  • Takadaya Kahei
    Born in 1769 on Awaji Island, Takadaya Kahei (高田屋嘉兵衛) was a Japanese merchant credited with transforming the trading outpost of Hakodate in Japan's northern island of Hokkaidō into a thriving city.
  • Calmer Hambro
    Calmer Hambro (1747-1806) was a Danish merchant and banker.
  • Tominaga Nakamoto
    Tominaga Nakamoto (富永 仲基 Tominaga Nakamoto, 1715–1746) was a Japanese philosopher.
  • Miguel de Riglos Bástida
    Miguel de Riglos y de la Bastida (1649-1719) was a Spanish nobleman, merchant, and Captain in the fort of Buenos Aires during the Viceroyalty of Peru.
  • Tsutaya Jūzaburō
    Tsutaya Jūzaburō (Japanese: 蔦屋 重三郎; 13 February 1750 – 31 May 1797) was the founder and head of the Tsutaya publishing house in Edo, Japan, and produced illustrated books and ukiyo-e woodblock prints of many of the period's most famous artists.
  • Vincenzo Borg
    Vincenzo Maria Borg (11 January 1777 – 18 July 1837), also known by his nickname Brared (or Braret), was a Maltese merchant who was one of the main insurgent leaders during the French blockade of 1798–1800.
  • Stefano Conti
    Stefano Conti was an Italian 18th century merchant from Lucca, known for his expansive collection and patronage of contemporary Italian artists.
  • Caspar Herman Hausmann
    Caspar Herman Hausmann was a Danish-Norwegian General, lumber merchant and squire.
  • Jan Dekert
    Jan Dekert or Jan Dekiert (1738 – 4 October 1790) was a Polish merchant of German descent and political activist.