18th-century English novelists

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  • Frances Brooke
    Frances Brooke (née Moore; 12 January 1724 – 23 January 1789) was an English novelist, essayist, playwright and translator.
  • Richard Graves
    Richard Graves (4 May 1715 – 23 November 1804) was an English minister, poet, and novelist.
  • John Holt (author)
    John Holt (1743 – 21 March 1801) was an English author.
  • Penelope Aubin
    Penelope Aubin (c. 1679 – 1738?) was an English novelist, poet, and translator.
  • Edward Kimber
    Edward Kimber (1719–1769) was an English novelist, journalist and compiler of reference works.
  • Elizabeth Bonhôte
    Elizabeth Bonhôte, née Mapes (baptised 11 April 1744 – 11 June 1818) was an English novelist, essayist and poet.
  • Elizabeth Gunning (translator)
    Elizabeth Gunning (1769–1823) was a French into English translator and a novelist.
  • William Dodd (priest)
    William Dodd (29 May 1729 – 27 June 1777) was an English Anglican clergyman and a man of letters.
  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee (1750 – 13 March 1824) was an English novelist, dramatist and educator.
  • Anna Maria Bennett
    Anna Maria Bennett (ca. 1750 – 12 February 1808) was an English novelist.
  • Frances Jacson
    Frances Margaretta Jacson (born 13 October 1754 at Bebington, Cheshire, died 17 June 1842 at Somersal Herbert, Derbyshire) was an English novelist whose work shows a strong moral purpose.
  • George Walker (novelist)
    George Walker (December 24, 1772 – February 8, 1847) was an English gothic novelist.
  • Sophia Briscoe
    Sophia Briscoe (fl. 1770s) was an 18th-century English novelist.
  • Joseph Moser
    Joseph Moser (1748 – 22 May 1819) was an English artist, author, and magistrate.
  • Charlotte Charke
    Charlotte Charke (née Cibber, also Charlotte Secheverell, aka Charles Brown) (13 January 1713 – 6 April 1760) was an English actress, playwright, novelist, autobiographer, and noted transvestite.
  • Cornelia Knight
    Ellis Cornelia Knight (1757 – 17 December 1837, Paris) was a writer and painter who socialized with many of the notable personalities of the late reign of George III: Horatio Nelson, Lord and Lady Hamilton, the Prince Regent, the Princess of Wales, and the Princess Charlotte.
  • Robert Bage
    Robert Bage (11 March 1730 – 1 September 1801) was an English businessman and novelist.
  • Robert Paltock
    Robert Paltock (1697–1767) was an English novelist and attorney.
  • Francis Lathom
    Francis Lathom (14 July 1774 – 19 May 1832) was a British gothic novelist and playwright.
  • Francis Coventry
    Francis Coventry (1725 – 1754?) was an English cleric and novelist, best known for The History of Pompey the Little.
  • Regina Maria Roche
    Regina Maria Roche (1764–1845) is considered today to be a minor Gothic novelist who wrote in the shadow of Ann Radcliffe.
  • Mary Robinson (poet)
    Mary Robinson (née Darby) (27 November 1757? – 26 December 1800) was an English actress, poet, dramatist, novelist, and celebrity figure.
  • Samuel Jackson Pratt
    Samuel Jackson Pratt (25 December 1749 – 4 October 1814) was a prolific English poet, dramatist and novelist, writing under the pseudonym of "Courtney Melmoth" as well as under his own name.