16th-century merchants

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  • Humphrey Monmouth
    Humphrey Monmouth was an English merchant in London who funded the first translation of the Bible into English, Tyndale's Bible by William Tyndale.
  • Jakob Fugger
    Jakob Fugger of the Lily (German: Jakob Fugger von der Lilie) (6 March 1459 – 30 December 1525), also known as Jakob Fugger the Rich or sometimes Jakob II, was a major merchant, mining entrepreneur and banker of Europe.
  • Richard Gresham
    Sir Richard Gresham (c.1485 – 21 February 1549) was an English mercer, Merchant Adventurer, Lord Mayor of London, and Member of Parliament.
  • William Courten
    Sir William Courten or Curteen (1572–1636) was a wealthy 17th century merchant, operating from London.
  • Maurice Abbot
    Sir Maurice Abbot (Morris) (1565–1642) was an English merchant of the East India Company and later a politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1621 and 1626.
  • Richard Fermor
    Richard Fermor (1480x84–1551), was an English wool merchant.
  • Thomas Gresham
    Sir Thomas Gresham (c. 1519 – 21 November 1579), Thomas Gresham the Elder, was an English merchant and financier who acted on behalf of King Edward VI (1547-1553) and Edward's half-sisters, queens Mary I (1553-1558) and Elizabeth I (1558-1603).
  • John Gresham
    Sir John Gresham (1495 – 23 October 1556) was an English merchant, courtier and financier who worked for King Henry VIII of England, Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell.
  • John Spring of Lavenham
    Sir John Spring (died 12 August 1547), of Lavenham, Buxhall, Hitcham, and Cockfield, Suffolk, was an English merchant and politician.
  • Pierre de Moucheron
    Pierre de Moucheron (1508–1567) was a wine merchant in Middelburg and later in Antwerp, and the central figure in a family portrait now in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
  • Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex
    Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex (1575 – 6 August 1645) was an English merchant and politician.
  • Wolstan Dixie
    Sir Wolstan Dixie, (born 1524 or 1525, died 1594), was a merchant and administrator, and Lord Mayor of London in 1585.
  • John Kendrick (cloth merchant)
    John Kendrick (1573 – 30 December 1624) was a prosperous English cloth merchant and patron of the towns of Reading and Newbury in Berkshire.
  • George Barne III
    Sir George Barne III (c. 1532–1593) was a prominent merchant and public official from London during the reign of Elizabeth I, and the son of Sir George Barne II, and Alice Brooke.
  • George Peckham (merchant)
    Sir George Peckham (died 1608) was an English merchant venturer.
  • Peter Vanlore
    Sir Peter Vanlore (c. 1547 – 6 September 1627) was a Dutch-born English merchant, jeweller and moneylender in Elizabethan and Stuart England.
  • Thomas White (merchant)
    Sir Thomas White (1492 – 12 February 1567) was an English cloth merchant, Lord Mayor of London in 1553, and a civic benefactor and founder of St John's College, Oxford.
  • Peter Symonds
    Peter Symonds (c. 1528–1586/7) was a wealthy English merchant and benefactor, most notable for founding a number of almshouses for charitable endeavors in Southeast England.
  • William Harpur
    Sir William Harpur (c. 1496 – 27 February 1574) was a merchant from Bedford who moved to London, amassed a large fortune, and became Lord Mayor of London.
  • William Spring of Lavenham
    Sir William Spring of Lavenham (died 3 February 1599) was an English politician and landowner.
  • Benedict Spinola
    Benedict Spinola (1519/20 – 1580), born in Genova and died in London, also called Benedick Spinola, and in Italian Benedetto Spinola, was a 16th-century Genoese merchant of the Spinola family who lived his whole adult life in the City of London, then the principal seaport of the Kingdom of England.
  • Richard Tylman of Faversham
    Richard Tylman of Faversham, was an English food commodity dealer and exporter.
  • Trojan Gundulić
    Trojan Gundulić (Italian: Troiano Gondola; ca. 1500 - ca. 1555) was a merchant and printer from the Republic of Ragusa who is remembered for his participation in the printing of the first book in Belgrade, The Four Gospels ("Četverojevanđelje").
  • Imai Sōkyū
    Imai Sōkyū (今井 宗久, 1520 – 31 August 1593) was an important 16th century merchant in the Japanese port town of Sakai, and a master of the tea ceremony.