16th-century German Protestant theologians

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  • Johannes Brenz
    Johann Brenz (24 June 1499 – 11 September 1570) was a German theologian and the Protestant Reformer of the Duchy of Württemberg.
  • Caspar Schwenckfeld
    Caspar (or Kaspar) Schwen(c)kfeld von Ossig () (1489 or 1490 – 10 December 1561) was a German theologian, writer, and preacher who became a Protestant Reformer and spiritualist, one of the earliest promoters of the Protestant Reformation in Silesia.
  • Johann Funck
    Johann Funck, Funk or Funccius (7 February 1518 - 28 October 1566) was a German Lutheran theologian.
  • Martin Bucer
    ("Butzer" redirects here. For other people with the name Butzer, see Butzer (surname).)(Not to be confused with Martin Buser.) Martin Bucer (early German: Martin Butzer) (11 November 1491 – 28 February 1551) was a German Protestant reformer based in Strasbourg who influenced Lutheran, Calvinist, and Anglican doctrines and practices.
  • Zacharias Ursinus
    Zacharias Ursinus (18 July 1534 – 6 May 1583) was a sixteenth-century German Reformed theologian, born Zacharias Baer in Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland).
  • Jakob Andreae
    Jakob Andreae (March 25, 1528 – January 7, 1590) was a significant German Lutheran theologian, involved in the drafting of major documents.
  • Georg Major
    George Major (April 25, 1502 – November 28, 1574) was a Lutheran theologian of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Caspar Olevian
    Caspar Olevian (or Kaspar Olevianus; 10 August 1536 – 15 March 1587) was a significant German Reformed theologian during the Protestant Reformation and along with Zacharius Ursinus was said to be co-author of the Heidelberg Catechism.
  • Matthias Flacius
    Matthias Flacius Illyricus (Latin; Croatian: Matija Vlačić Ilirik) (3 March 1520 – 11 March 1575) was a Lutheran reformer from Istria, present day Croatia.
  • Adam Reusner
    Adam Reusner, also Reissner or Reißner, (c.1496 - 1575 (some claim 1572 or 1582) ) in Mindelheim) was a German mystic, hymn-writer and poet.
  • Sebald Heyden
    Sebald Heyden (8 December 1499 – 9 July 1561) was a German musicologist, cantor, theologian, hymn-writer and religious poet.
  • Philip Melanchthon
    Philip Melanchthon (Philippus Melanchthon) (/məˈlæŋkθən/; 16 February 1497 – 19 April 1560), born Philipp Schwartzerdt (German: [ˈʃvaɐ̯ts.eːɐt]), was a German reformer, collaborator with Martin Luther, the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation, intellectual leader of the Lutheran Reformation, and an influential designer of educational systems.
  • Victorinus Strigel
    Viktorin/Victorinus Strigel (* 16 or 26 December 1524 in Kaufbeuren—26 June 1569 in Heidelberg) was a Philippist Lutheran Theologian.
  • Andreas Musculus
    Andreas Musculus (also Andreas Meusel; 29 November 1514 – 29 September 1581) was a German Lutheran theologian.
  • Andreas Karlstadt
    Andreas Rudolph Bodenstein von Karlstadt (1486 – 24 December 1541), better known as Andreas Karlstadt or Andreas Carlstadt or Karolostadt, was a German Christian theologian during the Protestant Reformation.
  • Jacob Heerbrand
    Jacob Heerbrand (12 August 1521 – 22 May 1600) was a German Protestant theologian and controversialist.
  • Konrad Hubert
    Konrad Hubert, also Konrad Huber, Konrad Huober, or Konrad Humbert (13 April 1507 – 13 April 1577), was a German Reformed theologian, hymn writer and reformer.
  • Aegidius Hunnius
    Aegidius Hunnius the Elder (21 December 1550 Winnenden – 4 April 1603 Wittenberg) was a Lutheran theologian of the Lutheran scholastic tradition and father of Nicolaus Hunnius.
  • Magnus Agricola
    Magnus Agricola (ca. 1556 – September 28/29, 1605) was a German Lutheran bishop and theologian.
  • Georg Witzel
    Georg Witzel (Wicelius) (b. at Vacha, Province of Hesse, 1501; d. at Mainz, 16 February 1573) was a German theologian.
  • Johann Major
    Johann Major (2 January 1533 - 6 March 1600, Zerbst) was a German Protestant theologian, humanist and poet.
  • Stephan Praetorius
    Stephan Praetorius (or Prætorius) (German: Stephan Prätorius) (May 3, 1536, Salzwedel – May 4, 1603, Salzwedel) was a German Lutheran theologian and pastor.
  • Christian Wurstisen
    Christian Wurstisen (Latin: Christianus Urstisius) (23 December 1544 – 29 March 1588) was a mathematician, theologician, historian from Basel.
  • Polykarp Leyser the Elder
    Polykarp (von) Leyser the Elder or Polykarp Leyser I (18 March 1552 – 22 February 1610) was a Lutheran theologian, superintendent of Braunschweig, superintendent-general of the Saxon church-circle, professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg and chief court-preacher and consistorial-councillor of Saxony.
  • Johann Pfeffinger
    Johann Pfeffinger (27 December 1493, Wasserburg am Inn – 1 January 1573, in Leipzig) was a significant theologian and Protestant Reformer.
  • Johann Marbach
    Johann Marbach (14 April 1521 – 17 March 1581) was a German Lutheran reformer and controversialist.
  • Johannes Gigas
    Johannes Gigas (22 February 1514 — 12 July 1581) was a German Protestant theologian, hymn writer, educator and Reformer.
  • Kaspar Eberhard
    Kaspar Eberhard (21 March 1523, Schneeberg – 20 October 1575, Wittenberg) was a German Lutheran theologian and teacher.
  • Christoph Pezel
    Christoph Pezel (5 March 1539 – 24 February 1604) was an influential Reformed Theologian who introduced the Reformed confession to Nassau-Dillenburg and Bremen.
  • Thomas Naogeorgus
    Thomas Naogeorgus (Thomas Kirchmeyer, Kirchmair, Neubauer; 21 December 1508 – 29 December 1563) was a Latin dramatist, humanist, Protestant theologian, preacher and pamphleteer of the German Renaissance.
  • David Chytraeus
    David Chytraeus or Chyträus (26 February 1530, Ingelfingen – 25 June 1600, Rostock) was a German Lutheran theologian and historian.
  • Jakob Beurlin
    Jakob Beurlin (1520 – 28 October 1561) was a German Lutheran theologian.
  • Pantaleon Candidus
    Pantaleon Candidus was a theologian of the Reformed Church and a Neo-Latin author.
  • Timotheus Kirchner
    Timotheus Kirchner (born 6 January 1533 in Döllstädt, died 14 September 1587 in Weimar) was a Lutheran theologian, pastor, professor of theology and superintendent in Weimar.
  • Joannes Aurifaber Vratislaviensis
    Joannes Aurifaber Vratislaviensis (30 January 1517 – 19 October 1568), born Johann Goldschmidt in Breslau, was a Lutheran theologian.
  • Andreas Poach
    Andreas Poach (c.1515 – April 2, 1585) was a German Lutheran theologian and Reformer.
  • Konrad Pellikan
    Konrad Pellikan (German: Conrad Kürsner; Latin: Conradus Pellicanus; sometimes anglicized as Conrad Pellican; January 8, 1478, Rouffach in Alsace – May 6, 1556, Zurich) was a German Protestant theologian, humanist, and Christian Hebraist who worked chiefly in Switzerland.
  • Urbanus Rhegius
    Urbanus Henricus Rhegius or Urban Rieger (May 1489, in Langenargen – 23 May 1541, in Celle) was a Protestant Reformer who was active both in Northern and Southern Germany in order to promote Lutheran unity in the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Hans Denck
    Hans Denck (c. 1495 – November 27, 1527) was a German theologian and Anabaptist leader during the Reformation.
  • Valentin Krautwald
    Valentin Krautwald (Latin: Cratoaldus) (1465–1545) was a German religious reformer, lector of theology at Liegnitz, and colleague of Caspar Schwenckfeld.
  • Joachim Westphal (of Hamburg)
    Joachim Westphal (born at Hamburg 1510 or at the beginning of 1511; died there 16 January 1574) was a German "Gnesio-Lutheran" theologian.
  • Paul Eber
    Paul Eber (November 8, 1511 – December 10, 1569) was a German Lutheran theologian.
  • Simon Grynaeus
    Simon Grynaeus (1493 – 1 August 1541) was a German scholar and theologian of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Cyriacus Spangenberg
    Cyriacus Spangenberg (7 June 1528 – 10 February 1604) was a German theologian and historian, son of the reformer Johannes Spangenberg (1484–1550).
  • Caspar Cruciger the Younger
    Caspar Cruciger the Younger (19 March 1525 – 16 April 1597) was a German theologian.
  • Jakob Ebert
    Jakob Ebert (26 January 1549 – 5 February 1614) was a German theologian and poet.