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Kampala, Uganda
AVI has negotiated this position in good faith with the Employer, and the information contained was correct at the
time of acceptance of the request. However, while AVI takes responsibility for matters under our direct control, all
positions and arrangements are subject to change due to the inherent low levels of predictability in developing
country environments. This position may be amended or withdrawn to reflect changes in circumstances.
Position Details
Position Title
Finance Management Mentor
School for Life Foundation Australia
Website of Employer
Duration of Position
12 months (negotiable)
Start Date
April 2016
Pre-departure Briefing Date
To be advised
AVI Reference
Australian Partner Organisation
School for Life Foundation, Australia
Employer Overview
School for Life’s vision is to break the cycle of poverty by building sustainable, productive and profitable
communities beginning with quality education.
School for Life is a not-for-profit organisation focused on making a transformational difference to the
communities of emerging countries starting with Uganda through providing access to a quality
education. We build educated, sustainable, productive and profitable communities starting in Katuuso,
which focuses on children and adults who have been denied an education. Our mission is to provide
quality education in emerging countries like Uganda that creates sustainable, productive and profitable
communities that don’t need to rely on hand outs.
Position Overview
The School for Life Foundation needs to ensure effective influence and control over the operations of
the United Future Foundation Uganda in order to fulfil the governance requirements of ensuring funds
raised from donors are applied in an appropriate and effective manner in which to achieve the stated
outcomes for which the funds are raised.
Gaining clarity to the financial performance and position of United Future Foundation Uganda has
presented School for Life Foundation with material challenges.
The system of book-keeping in Uganda is a highly manual system that relies on a series of
spreadsheets and on the production of receipts by individual team members.
Through the process of preparing draft financial statements for Uganda by the School for Life
Foundation, a number of challenges with basic financial controls and book-keeping protocols have
been identified, including:
Bank and cash reconciliations have not been prepared;
The number of transcription errors in the manual spreadsheets are high;
Calculation errors for manual and cash payments are regular; and
Double-handling of administration and paper-work is substantial.
The absence of standard protocols and controls significantly diminishes both the productivity of
financial and administrative resources and the reliability of reports regarding the performance and
financial position of the Ugandan operations.
To gain confidence in the financial position of the United Future Foundation Uganda it is recommended
that UFFU or SFLF engage independent external financial management support to implement
recognised standard financial controls and protocols and to provide support for UFFU for a period of up
to 12 months to embed the controls and protocols as Business as Usual procedure and to develop the
financial skills and capabilities of the Ugandan team.
An accountant or finance professional is required to assist the United Future Foundation Uganda to
achieve better financial accountability through implementing stronger financial management systems.
Position Objectives
To work with finance staff to develop appropriate financial systems, policies, processes and
To support and help train staff at the United Future Foundation Uganda in finance systems,
policies and procedures to ensure financial accountability and sustainability for the
Duties and Responsibilities of the Employee
Assist with the implementation of basic, standard cash management policies and controls,
Petty Cash – requests, approvals, reconciliation
Cash on Hand (in safe) – requests, approvals, daily reconciliation
Employee Cash Advances (operational) – recording, approval, daily reconciliation
Employee Advances – approved purposes, loan & repayment terms, loan balance
management, reconciliation.
Training for all staff in the policies and control
Enforcement of policies and controls
Completion and reconciliation of accounts for the current financial year
Implementation of book-keeping system consistent with the systems of School for Life
Foundation (to enable effective and efficient consolidation of accounts)
Support with selection of appropriate individual as Accountant / Bookkeeper for United Future
Foundation Uganda
Support with assessment of performance of selected Accountant / Bookkeeper for completion
of probation etc.
Ongoing financial and accounting leadership, oversight and support in Uganda post
implementation of policies, controls and systems and appointment of internal Accountant /
Position Information
Line Manager
Staff Supervision
Country Director, Uganda and CEO, Annabelle Chauncy
Hours & Days of Employment
From 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday
The expectation is that the volunteer will work the equivalent of a 5-day week to a maximum of 40
hours per week.
While this position is based in Kampala, it is expected that the volunteer will travel to the remote school
location at least once per week, approximately 1 hour drive west of Kampala. This will provide an
opportunity to better understand the local context and be involved in other organisational activities.
Leave Entitlements
Same conditions and terms as local colleagues apply, including national holidays. However, as a
minimum, volunteers will accrue 1 week of leave for each 3 months of work.
Language Skills and Level Required
Fluent English
Living in Uganda
Volunteer manual will be provided.
Allowances & Support
Living and Accommodation Allowance
USD $1200 per month.
Assistance will be provided in finding appropriate and secure accommodation in Kampala.
Additional Support
Pre-departure Briefing
In-country Orientation on arrival
Pre-departure medical expenses for yellow fever vaccination only
Visa expenses
Return airfare to country of assignment
Preparing Your Application
Personal Circumstances Constraints
We are NOT able to accept applications from people with the following personal circumstances due to
security, cultural, legal or visa restrictions in this location.
Applicants with criminal convictions
Selection Criteria
Please begin by writing your responses to the following three questions, in a document headed Response to Selection Criteria:
a. Why do I feel that volunteering overseas is the right thing for me to be doing at this time in my life?
(up to half a page)
b. What are the biggest personal adjustments I’m likely to have to make to be accepted as a useful
colleague and engaged community member in this position? (up to half a page)
c. How do I match the Essential Skills & Experience: Write a brief summary of your most relevant
experiences, results and achievements responding to each criterion in the Essential Skills &
Experience section of the Position Description.
To find out more details about preparing your application, please visit:
To find out more details about the personal competencies required to be a volunteer, please visit:
Qualifications, Essential Skills & Experience
Relevant tertiary or professional qualifications in finance/accounting
Experience in financial and administrative management, including developing and
implementing financial systems, processes and controls
Demonstrated experience in working with annual budgets and financial reporting
Demonstrated success in building the skills of others through formal and/or informal training
and coaching
Demonstrated success in consulting with stakeholders and facilitating the work of others to
achieve an agreed outcome.
Desirable Skills & Experience
Experience working cross-culturally, preferably in an East African context
How to Apply
All applications must be submitted online. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to register on
our website prior to applying.
Once completed, please visit, log in, select the position you are
interested in and follow the prompts at the end of the page.