Planning Checklist - Oregon Goes to College

Site Coordinator Checklist
The following table is designed to provide guidance in your planning. These are the
steps we believe will be necessary to complete for most CAW sites, but it may not
be exhaustive for your site. Use the blank spaces for additional tasks necessary for
planning your event. Remember, you don’t have to do all this work alone! Recruit
volunteers and co-workers to assist.
Due Date
Recruit your core Oregon College Application Week
implementation team and meet with them to
determine the dates of your site’s College
Application Week and which activities you plan to
Sign up to be an official site by completing the site
application at
If you are a user of social media, like CAW on
follow @ORGoesToCollege on Twitter, or sign up to
receive updates via the RSS feed at
Due Date
Review the Site Coordinator Handbook and the
materials at ( and
contact Oregon GEAR UP with any initial questions.
Reserve computer lab or other appropriate space
for your CAW activities.
Add CAW activities to your school or organization’s
calendar of events.
Complete the Pre-event Information Survey on the
website to inform the steering committee about
your event dates and times and to order free
promotional items (i.e. posters, stickers, etc.).
Consider “liking” the Oregon Goes to College
Facebook page or following @ORGoesToCollege on
Twitter so that you receive regular updates and
ideas in your newsfeed.
Distribute the CAW Overview for Teachers and Staff
handout (download from the website). Encourage
them to brainstorm additional college awareness
and readiness activities to be held during your
Send a notice about CAW home to parents and
encourage them to talk with their students about
the event and application process. (Download a
Family Letter template on the website, where you’ll
also find templates in the following languages:
Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Russian,
Somali, and Vietnamese)
Solicit door prizes from area colleges and
businesses. It is a good idea to put someone on
your committee in charge of this task. (Download a
Donation Request Letter template on the website.)
Request that your local governmental municipality
proclaims your selected week as “College
Application Week in [your town/city/county/etc.]”
(Download a Proclamation Request template on
the website.)
Participate in the #whyichose social media
campaign and encourage colleagues to do the
Due Date
Sign up for VolunteerSpot using the password
provided by Oregon GEAR UP to recruit and
manage volunteers.
Recruit any additional volunteers from your school
and community to assist students in College
Application Week labs and in planning and
coordinating event activities. (Download a
Volunteer Request Letter template on the website)
Work with your school counseling staff to
determine which senior students have not yet
applied to college, so that you can issue them a
special invitation to participate in your CAW event.
Create a detailed schedule of College Application
Week activities and distribute it to teachers and
school staff.
Send a notice home to inform parents about your
CAW events.
Send a press release to your local media outlets.
Consider inviting them to send a reporter cover the
event. (Download a Pre-event Press Release
template on the website.)
Confirm the participation of your volunteers.
(VolunteerSpot can help with this!)
Hang posters and other signs around your building
to advertise the event. (Color posters will arrive
with your CAW swag; download B&W posters on
the website.)
Print a comprehensive list of seniors (include full
legal name and birth dates) that can be used as a
sheet during your CAW event.
Check computers to ensure that no pertinent
websites are blocked by your school or district.
Particularly critical are
and college/university websites.
Due Date
Hang School Information Posters in the computer
labs or other areas where CAW will take place.
(Download a template from the website.)
Print copies of Oregon Public University Fee
Deferral Forms and NACAC Fee Waiver Forms to
have on hand during your event.
Print copies of the “I Applied … Now What” handout
to distribute to students during your event.
(Download from the website.)
If students will not be able to use the online survey
after they complete their applications, print copies
of the Student Survey. (Download from the
website.) We strongly urge you to use paper copies
ONLY if your site does not have the technology to
allow for your students to use the online survey.)
Take photos of all pre-CAW and CAW events. Post
those photos to the Oregon Goes To College
Facebook page to share your event with the rest of
the state!
Remind students to complete the College
Application Worksheet and bring it with them to
your site’s CAW event.
Host CAW at your site (See the Event Day
Reminders in the coordinator’s handbook for a
day-of checklist; download additional copies for
your team from the website.)
After Oregon College Application Week
Due Date
Work with your counseling office to complete the
required College Application Week Coordinator’s
Send press releases and photos to your local
newspaper and other media outlets. Share your
photos and updates with Oregon Goes To College
and/or your school/organization’s Facebook page
(only if you have school media releases on file for
students pictured). (Download a Post-Event Press
Release template from the website.)
Send thank you notes to volunteers and donors
who supported Oregon College Application Week.
Consider sending handwritten notes from
students! (Download a Volunteer Thank You Letter
template from the website.)