Palmdale Aerospace Academy English 9 Vocabulary

Palmdale Aerospace Academy
English 9 Vocabulary
Week 5
Week 5
41. Jaunt noun
a short pleasure trip
42. Embed verb
to fix an object firmly and deeply in place
43. Laconic
using few words; brief; to the point
44. Curtail
to cut short
45. Transhumanism
the idea that humanity can be improved via embedded
technology, genetic modification, or other means.
Transhumanism (h+)
The idea that humans can be improved
via technology.
Embedded internet connections,
cybernetic bodies, incorporating
animal traits in humans, etc.
Early versions exist: Google Glass,
exoskeletons, genetic modification of
animal test subjects
Seen in: Iron Man, X-Men, Ghost in the
Shell, Island of Dr. Moreau & more
Week 5 (cont)
46. Surly adjective
grumpy, rude
47. Heed verb
to listen to
48. Epicure noun
someone who appreciates the good food and
49. Oblivious adjective
totally unaware
50. Tenuous adjective
flimsy, not solid