Minutes of the Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven Health & Wellbeing

Minutes of the Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven Health & Wellbeing Hub Meeting on 2 December 2014
Dee Pollitt — Craven Volunteer Centre
Harriet Steventon — Craven District Council
Kate Senior — Craven CVS
Diane Huck — Relate
Anna Jackson — Carer's Resource
Kim Shutler-Jones — Cellar Trust
Amy Brown — The Power of Your Mind (clinical hypnotherapy)
Mel Morgan-Davis Age UK North Craven
Lynn Lawson — Project 6
Craig Watson — KIVCA
Tracy Hopkins — Skipton Children's Centre (on behalf of Caroline Porter)
Nick Smith — Project 6, BDCT, WRAP
Sue Gledhill — Bradford Council, Keighley Area Office Najma Ashraf — Roshni Ghar, Keighley
Anne Crabtree — Pioneer Projects
Sylvia Merrett — Craven Mental Health Forum
Jane Fisher — People First Keighley & Craven
Lindsey Hurt — People First Keighley & Craven
Helen Firth —Volunteer (various organisations)
Debi Hawkins — Cancer Support Bradford & Airedale (Skipton)
Rachael Memmott — Specialist Autism Services
Pam Essler — AWC CCG Lay Rep
Helen Farmer- AWC CCG
Melanie Hey — Keighley Healthy Living
Trudy Balderson —Airedale NHSFT
Russell Sandlaach KIVCA
Becky Mears — Building Health Partnerships
Vicky Breere — Project 6
Rachel Memott_ Specialist Autism Services
Milton Pearson- Craven CVS
Mandy Hey – Keighley Healthy Living
Mike Gadger- Project 6
Marion Tweed-Rycroft NYCC Stronger Communities Delivery Manager)
Sue Gledhill- Keighley Area Office
David Russell- Grassington Hub
(see separate document)
Becky Mears from Building Health Partenrships Project is working with all 5 hubs to help strengthen them
and get them better networked in to other Health structures. She presented a revised document showing the
Core Hub Aims and how the hubs relate to other health and wellbeing structures :
 Bradford District Health and Wellbeing forum: Milton Pearson, Anna Jackson, Russell
Key issues:
1. Encouraging GPs to attend meetings.
2. Data systems of Voluntary Centre Assets. Will send a report round re sharing information and
sharing with NYCC.
The priorities agreed by the hub members are
 Social isolation
 Befriending
 Poverty and impact on health
 Mental Health
North Yorkshire : Information from the last meeting re priorities has been fed by
Vicki into the NY system — she's waiting for feedback.
Keighley/Airedale :Sue Gledhill from Keighley Area Office
There are 3 officers covering 6 wards. The ward plans sit alongside the district plans
and work in tandem. They are starting to work on ward assessments and write plans
and targets in January but they also respond to information coming in throughout the
Regarding commissioning Ward plans are supported bySmall Grants programmes ( community chest) is supportive of
the ward plans and community development funding
Ward partnership team meetings 6 weekly where they measure themselves against their plans for:
Safer Communities
Children& Young People
Health Inequalities
Financial impact on communities
Stronger Communities
Starting to work on Ward Assessment/Plans in January but also respond ???
The local area office have 6 weekly meetings with Public Health and to share local information
1. Kate Senior- Craven
See summary
Been attending Multi Disciplinary Team meetings. Been promoting and raising awareness of VCS services
with Health professionals in the area, particularly new services and updates
Referrals are picking up and coming through MDTs mostly but also through other health professionals.
Has identified:
 a need for more befriending and services that go to people's homes
 mental health issues — low resources in Craven. New projects coming up and making health
professionals aware of VCS projects.
Action: Vicki and Kate to share information about mental health and dementia services.
2. Craig Watson- Keighley, Airedale and Wharfedale
Has had more interaction from GPs calling him up to discuss patients and referrals from OTs (dementia and
Mental Health)
More dual diagnoses e.g. dementia and Parkinsons
Gaps in services identified:
Mental Health. A Wellness Recovery Action Planning group has been asked for in Ilkley so Champions
Show the Way are planning on starting a group
Befriending oversubscribed in Ilkley. Looking at making services more efficient and working together.
Julie Lintern at KIVCA is overseeing bringing people together.
ACTION Health navigators were asked if they could share a breakdown of where referrals are going and how
many are coming in
ACTION If you any organizations have complex cases who you are concerned about, refer to Kate/Craig to
take them to MDT.
1. Children's Centres & Early Interventions NY
??? Tracey Hopkins Parent Support ???
Shipton??? Children's centre
South Craven
North ???
Upper Wharfedale
Have hubs here in centres but also do outreach through health centres, community centres, and schools etc.
??? Isolation.— services in centres and outreach in communities, e.g. Cook and Eat. Sure Start ??? maybe
getting people into other services. Introducing parents and other families in the area
Referrals — 90% though health visitors — see sticker??? for rest
step up and down re safeguarding frOm children's social care
Anyone can refer but family needs tO consent.
2. Project 6 — Families
Family Service — can get details on website http://project6.org.uk/
Example of established, mature, integrated partnership. Built around Multi Agency Ante Natal Services by
specialist midwives and obstetrician (AGH), specialist drug workers from Project 6 and specialist drug workers
from BDCT.
Example of best practice nationally.
Take a number of individuals who are socially isolated because of their drug use in order to
Have good pregnancies
Are at a good point to change and engage re substance misuse.
Outcomes very good — 87% recovery rate.
Service started as drug work but been expanded to alcohol. Midwives need to be asking questions about how
much women drink.
Refer if you come across women who would benefit.
Question: Horizons is alcohol service in Craven. Are Project 6 going to be working with them around
supporting families.
Project 6 engaging with hospital re my Airedale midwife scheme????? and engaging in Craven patch
Working with Craven organisations to establish referral prototols and partnership working.
Project 6 also working with AGH re addressing alcohol issues which are causing accidents and crisis
Concern re AGH A&E not referring a person to alcohol support services despite 5 ambulance trips???
Helen Farmer??? to take this up.
3. Sharing Voices — based in central Bradford
Some work in Keighley and Airedale
Has been addressing BME mental health needs for 12 years
Asylum seekers and refugees
Older people's worker
7 young people's workers in schools
South Asian
African Caribbean communities
Spiritual and psychologic6l therapeutic service launched 6 months ago — counselling service based on
Muslim spirituality.
Still going in to ward in Airedale????
Awareness raising in communities and schools
Work with people with and without diagnoses
Support around training, education, employment.
Funded by CCGs. AWC CCG.
Asked to work with Skipton Road Day Service
Started??? a men's service
Have a worker going into schools in Keighley.
4. People First (Jane Fisher & Lindsey Hurt)
Advocacy group for adults with learning disabilities. Office with 30 people in Keighley.
Key priorities:
Isolation — taxi campaign — wheelchair users not being charged more.
Training in LD awareness to help professionals interact better with people with LD.
Partnership working — weight management courses in Keighley (Central Hall) referred by GPs.
??? 5 day learning holidays — healthy eating, cooking skills, healthy activities, independent living skills (5 day
holidays???). Good for people about to go into independent living.
Psychologist comes in at end of week to get a ??? of what people have learnt.
Home OT and physios leading the physical activities.
NYCC referred 9 people and found this really helful for getting them ready for independent living.
Offer: One ??? offering to share working with iPads to help improve communication.
Action: Using links ??? council training re Dementia to help improve understanding of LD around Keighley Town
5. Keighley Healthy Living — see website http://www.khl.org.uk/
Food and nutrition courses e.g.
Healthy??? Weight
Exercise classes
Work with families on ???
Ministry of Food classes.
Social isolation of older people. Lots of activities.
Airedale Networker??? Day, 1:1 support and signposting
Work with lots of frail??? older people and can see ????
Befriending Well Being Café
Breast feeding support and peer support packages
Young parents group — preparation for parenting, attachment??? and bonding.
6. Volunteer Centre
Work on:
Developing new volunteering opportunities
Good practice — volunteer management training
Specialist??? workshops on working with Volunteers with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities etc.
Work at ??? with people with low confidence.
Benefits of volunteering one mental health / wellbeing:
Sense of purpose; quashing??? feelings of being useless post-retirement
Reducing feelings of being isolated, helped to rebuild confidence and relationships
Give something 'worth getting out of bed for' — mental stimulation and social contact for retired. Depressing not
being in work — volunteering got me out of the house and gave me a purpose. Gave me confidence to apply for
part-time job after being on ESA.
Training in January??? in partne'rship with WEA. Skills for volunteering aimed at??? people with mental health
issues and for low confidence.
7. Marion Tweed-Rycroft — NYCC (Stronger Communities Delivery Manager)
Full time permanent post, funded from Public Health money. Looking at impact of cuts on communities. Helping
communities to deliver themselves the services which have been reduced or cut.
Team of 7, have??? Skills in W???, Children's Centres...
4 core areas: transport, libraries, children's services, health and adult services.
Role: New in post from 1st October 2014. Several strands???
Broker between VCS and public sector which is becoming more of a commissioning body. Conduit
between ??? on the ground and commissioners.
Supporting groups who want to take on services
Encouraging collaborative working, developing consortia.
Signposting function.
Currently mapping activity, explaining role, getting some understanding of themes in the???
Groups (e.g. befriending)
Issues re provision of information. Creating a directory for each district *
Developed in America: Nick Smith, BDCT Health Champions with Mental Health, now
works as practitioner???
Has mental illnesses himself and dealt with them since childhood. Volunteer at Project 6.
Qualified VVRAP facilitator.
WRAP started by MIND and Meridian House in Keighley
96% success rate.
Recognising that people are experts.in themselves enables people to write instruction booklets in
how they are.
Covers what it's like when you are well, what are your triggers, ????
??? and England is only place where it's not funded by local government. Funded by CCG.
Volunteer looking to set up a group in Ilkley.
Email questions to Vicki???
1. Urgent Care Strategy Feedback — Helen to circulate notes. Improve GP practices
Use pharmacies
Access via opticians for ??? eye appointments
Like concept of walk in centres
Clear pathways about how GPs promote mental health self care Parity of services between mental
health and physical health.
Strategy will be up on website????
Will only go out to consultation if any changes happen.
2. Service review on tissue viability so services are the same across Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.
Service in Keighley. Looking at getting a service in Craven.
If you know anyone with leg ulcer??? ask them to give feedback.
Question: Where does ulcer??? team link in? Helen to check.
WRAP question: Is there any funding to pay for training facilitators?
A: BDCT provide funding.
Nick is looking at putting on 12 week WRAP course in ?? but needs to secure funding.
March but that's a Monday???