in Modeling & Visualization
in Mathematics and Science:
Before and After Student-Teaching
Office for Mathematics, Science,
and Technology Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The UIUC Ed Grid Team
Project is under the
direction of MSTE
With the support of the following:
MSTE Website
The nexus for MSTE
activities is its website.
There, one can find
information about
MSTE activities and
internet resources that
promote exploration,
modeling, and
visualization in
mathematics and
science. Currently, the
site receives over one
million hits per month.
Java Applets for Visualizing
One resource provided
by the MSTE website are java applets
that prompt exploration of various mathematics concepts.
These applets can be found at:
Screenshots of Other Sample Java
The MSTE Ed Grid Team:
Principal Investigators:
 Kenneth J. Travers
 Delwyn L. Harnisch
The MSTE Ed Grid Team (cont.):
Faculty in Mathematics Education:
 Bridget A. Arvold
Rochelle Gutiérrez
Timothy M. Hendrix
Faculty in Science Education:
Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
David E. Brown
The MSTE Ed Grid Team (cont.):
Research Assistants:
 Lucas G. Allen
 George C. Reese
 Akihiko Takahashi
 Brad Thompson
 Noemi Waight
Technical Support Staff:
 Tammy D. Brandt
 Kristen A. Carvell
 Nicholas D. Exner
 Michael L. McKelvey
Context of the Teacher Education
at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 Pre-service teachers all complete a full major in their content
areas in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
 The professional preparation of pre-service teachers, housed
in the College of Education, involves coursework and field
experiences completed over a two-year period, usually the 3rd
and 4th years for undergraduates.
 The students all move through the teacher education program
in content-based cohorts.
In the 2000-2001 Academic year, the
program served the following numbers
of students:
Secondary Mathematics
Secondary Science
General Elementary
Year 1
approx. 150
Year 2
approx. 130
Note: App roximately 1/3 of the grad uati ng p re-service
ele mentary tea che rs chose mathema tics as the ir fi eld of
co nce ntration
Description of the UIUC Teacher
Education Programs in Mathematics and
 The secondary mathematics and science education programs
are built around a sequence of 4 content-based courses:
 Course 1—Introduction to Teaching in a Diverse Society
 Course 2—Teaching Diverse Middle Grade Students
 Course 3—Teaching Diverse Senior High School Students
 Course 4—Teaching and Assessing Secondary School Students
 Across all content areas, the following areas of emphasis are
integrated in each course and throughout the entire program:
Diversity and Equity
Special Needs
Legal and Professional Issues
An Intentional Recursive Pattern in
Mathematics and Science Pre-Service
Teacher Education
(e.g., in content-based
activities that promote
modeling and visualization)
(of how content knowledge
and understanding influence
pedagogical understanding)
(of theory and practice as a
novice teacher exiting the
teacher education program)