Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton
Remember to annotate, focusing on how the characters are connected and how mythology is represented in our
language and culture today (allusions in literature, film, TV, advertising, etc.). Use sticky notes if you are using a
school copy.
Assigned pages must be read before class on the due date.
Due Date
**Not all stories are required, so pay attention to the page
Introduction to
Mythology of the Greeks
p. 1-12
Tues, 1/6
Classical Mythology
The Greek and Roman Writers of Mythology
p. 12-16
Part One: The Gods,
the Creation, and the
Earliest Heroes
Chapter 1: The Gods
The Titans and the Twelve Great Olympians, The Lesser
Gods of Olympus, The Gods of the Waters, The
Underworld, The Lesser Gods of Earth, The Roman Gods
Chapter 2: The Two Great Gods of Earth:
Demeter (Ceres), Dionysus or Bacchus
Chapter 3: How the World and Mankind Were Created
Chapter 4: The Earliest Heroes
Flower Myths: Narcissus, Hyacinth, Adonis
(The other stories in this section are optional.)
Chapter 5: Cupid and Psyche
Chapter 6: Eight Brief Tales of Lovers
Pyramus and Thisbe
(The other stories in this section are optional.)
Chapter 7: The Quest of the Golden Fleece
p. 17-50
Thurs, 1/8
p. 51-75
Mon, 1/11
p. 76-94
p. 111-120
Tues, 1/12
Wed, 1/13
p. 121-134
p. 135-138
Wed, 1/13
p. 160-180
Thurs, 1/14
p. 181-186
p. 193-195
Fri, 1/15
Part Four: The
Heroes of the Trojan
Chapter 8: Four Great Adventures
Phaeton, Daedalus
(The other stories in this section are optional.)
Chapter 9: Perseus
Chapter 10: Theseus
Chapter 11: Hercules
Chapter 12: Atalanta
Chapter 13: The Trojan War
Chapter 15: The Fall of Troy
Chapter 16: The Adventures of Odysseus
Part Five: The Great
Families of
Part Six: The Less
Important Myths
Part Seven: The
Mythology of the
Chapter 16: The Adventures of Aeneas
Chapter 17: The House of Atreus
Chapter 18: The Royal House of Thebes
Chapter 19: The Royal House of Athens
Chapter 20: Midas—And Others
Chapter 21: Brief Myths Arranged Alphabetically
Introduction to Norse Mythology
Chapter 22: The Stories of Signy and Sigurd
Chapter 23: The Norse Gods
p. 196-207
p. 208-223
p. 224-244
p. 245-252
p. 253-276
p. 277-290
p. 291-305
p. 305-311
p. 311-319
p. 320-344
p. 345-372
p. 373-393
p. 394-408
p. 410-422
p. 423-441
p. 442-445
p. 446-452
p. 453-465
Tues, 1/19
Wed, 1/20
Fri, 1/22
Mon, 1/25
Tues, 1/26
Wed, 1/17
Part Two: Stories of
Love and Adventure
Part Three: The Great
Heroes before the
Trojan War