Unit 2 Lesson 1

English 10 – EOP
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Unit 2 Lesson 1: The Highwayman
 interpret the main ideas, events or themes of a variety of novels, stories, poetry, other
printed media, and electronic media
 make generalizations, supported by specific details and examples, about key concepts,
characters, and themes of written, oral, and visual work
 describe how tone and mood affect the drama of a story, play, or film
 create a variety of academic, technical, and personal communications, including debates,
research, and technical reports, oral, multimedia presentations, poetry, and personal essay
Narrative poems are poems which tell stories, and in The Highwayman Alfred Noyes spins quite a
yarn. Here love, treachery, sacrifice, and nobility are presented in rhythms as hypnotic as hooves
pounding over the moonlit moors of Old England. It is irresistible.
Lesson Components:
 Do Pre-reading Notes on page 112.
 Do Reader's Journal on page 113.
 Read the poem, The Highwayman, on pages 113-116 using the margin questions as a guide.
Consult the vocabulary in Words for Everyday Usage.
 Complete questions 1-10 in Reviewing the Selection on page 117.
 Complete questions 1-3 in Understanding Literature on page 117-118.
 Complete Responding to the Selection on page 117.
 Complete the worksheet, The Form of a Business Letter.