Conceptual Production Plant Design

Conceptual Production
Plant Design
Presentation Outline
• Design Consideration
• Unit Operations in Pharmaceutical
Design Consideration
3 ways selection for PP design
• Slide Rule or calculator
• Spreadsheet ( Lotus or Excel)
• Simulator (Superpro)
Preparation before design
• Study about general idea in
thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.
• Study about unit operations that concern
to drug production.
Design Procedure
Write down flowsheet.
Put (register) elements or mixtures into unit operations.
Insert input stream into that unit operations.
Calculate the unknown requirement after putting
known variables into the equation.
• Check among calculator,spreadsheet,simulator.
• Some definitions and physical properties
of air and heat.
– Standard air
– Density
– Density factor
– Specific heat
Thermodynamics (continue)
– Btu. or Calorie
– Heat capacity
– Absolute Temperature
– Latent heat
– Enthalphy
– Adiabatic ( No heat transfer )
– Psychrometric Chart
Some equations concern to this job
– Mass Balance
– Energy Balance
– See examples
Equation concern to Ideal Gas
• PV = nRT
• Boyle’s Laws
• Charles’ Laws
Fluid Mechanics
• Different properties between liquids and
– Free surface
– Compressible or not
– Viscosity
Fluid Mechanics (continue1)
Pressure = unit wt. X height of liquids
Pressure Head = Pressure/unit weight
gage pressure
Absolute pressure
Fluid Mechanics (continue2)
• Continuity Equation
• Bernoulli’s Equation
Unit Operations in
Pharmaceutical Industry
Well-Mixed Batch Reactor
RXN-101 / R-101
WM Batch Rxn
Well-Mixed Batch Reactor
• (batch) closed vessel with stirrer &
thermal jacket
• put elements or mixtures inside
• put others stream
• control P, T
• turn-on motor for stirrer
BUF-101 / UF-101
• membrane process (pressure driven)
• separate mixture of different MW
• small solute molecules pass through the
membrane and are collected as permeate.
• larger solute molecules do not pass
through the membrane are recovered in
concentrated solution
• unlike RO, because membranes are too
porous to be used for desalting
Rotary Drying
RDRNG-101 / RDR-101
Rotary Drying
Rotary Dryer
• Unit operation to dry materials
• Mainly part consists of slightly inclined
hollow cylinder
• look similar to the kiln (cement mixture
– Hand book of Chemical
– Units operations and Transportation.
– Sheets about Drug Production.
* Tamoxifen Production Plant.
(Introduction & Reactor Analysis)
* Develop a design example.
Thank you