Hoy es miércoles , el 26 de agosto de 2015
Today is Wendnesday, August 26 , 2015
DUE NOW: (As soon as entering class to fill out: Review day before)
 Name 2 reason why we study Spanish_______________ and
 Write 2 study tips _________________ and __________________
8:25 Due Now (attendance)
8:30 Collection of Classroom in Excellence.
Write your whole name (nickname too) Period___
8:35 Go over Subscribing to see homework (Go SWCA front pg, go Foreign
Language, go to Mrs. Billings Spanish Intro, subscribe as student)
Back to school night Sept 8
8:40 BOOKS Pg 1 Listen Chapter Para Empezar: Objectives
8:45 Greeting Power Point
8:50 Pg 2 Greetings according to time of day
Exercise 1 Listen and point to clock
9:00 Exercise 2 Practice with elbow partner, practice with face partner
Class makes four lines 2 in front 2 in back greet each other
9:10 Practice greetings with elbow partner according to time of day.
Switch time. Listen to ABCs and vowels
8:55 Book . Para Empezar : Objectives P1. Vocabulary Chapter Pg 22
9 – 9:30 Review ABCs, write them and practice them.
9:30 -945 Practice greeting and spelling names.
9:50 EXIT TICKET Pass homework Realidades pg 7
What students are going to learn for
the day.
 Students understand and explain Book beginning
Chapter OBJECTIVES PAGE and end of every chapter
 Students will write with 100% accuracy question What
is your name? and the answer.
 Students get familiar with ABCs and vowels
 Students understand 1 out 3 greetings according to
time of the day with 100% accuracy.
¿Cómo te llamas?
Me llamo …..
(say your name)
¿Cómo te llamas (tú)?
(Yo) me llamo
Useful Expressions
 ¿Cómo se dice?
 How do you say….?
 ¿Cómo se escribe?
 How do you spell…?
I will ask V: ve, W:doble v, Y: I griega.
¡Buenos días! Señora Gomez
Greeting in the morning
Buenas tardes
Greeting in the afternoon
Buenas noches
Greeting in the evening
Write in Spanish
What is your name? _________________
My name is ___________.
Good morning____________________
Good afternoon___________________
Good evening______________________
Homework for next class
 Bring a notebook and flashcards with abcs with
Spanish pronunciation.
 Listen to ABCs.
 Study Vocabulary p7 Realidades
 Subscribe to Homework website and review