Mere Christianity Discussion-Book 3

Questions for Book 3 in Mere Christianity:
Lewis kept saying, “If Christianity is true”, is he assuming that it’s possibly not true?
What does he mean when he says, “The sins of the flesh are bad, but they are the least bad of
all sins.”
Discussion Questions:
“If you had committed a murder, the right Christian thing to do would be to give yourself up to
the police and be hanged. It is, therefore, in my opinion, perfectly right for a Christian judge to
sentence a man to death or a Christian soldier to kill an enemy.” Lewis says he agrees with this.
Do you agree?
“A woman is primarily fighting for her own children and husband against the rest of the world.”
Is this what a man or a woman should do?
Lewis’ definition of charity means “love, in the Christian sense.” How is it defined today?
In the beginning of chapter 3, he stated a quote from Dr. Johnson saying, “People need to be
reminded more often then they need to be instructed.” In today’s society, we think that once
we learn something that it will “stick” with us once we are instructed. But we often need to be
reminded more than taught something.
When Lewis was talking about judging, he stated something like, “The bigness or smallness of
the thing, seen from the outside, is not what really matters.” Everyone judges somebody, and
this reminded me that whatever you may see on the “outside” of someone doesn’t matter. It’s
what matters what’s in their heart, not their outward appearance.