Professor: Nicholas Anderson
Today’s Goals:
 Learn about the expectations and policies of our
ENC1102 class
 Begin looking for possible research topics
Introduce Yourself
Where you are from
Something that interests you
ENC1102 vs. 1101
 Less reading
 More writing (both long
 Less vocabulary
essays and short writing)
 Additional freedom to
research the topic of
your choice
 More responsibility to
keep up with work
outside of class
 More concentration on
contemporary issues
 Less grammar
 Less formatting
Our class vs. other ENC1102 classes
 You are in control of the format and pacing of the class
 Extensive use of Socratic method
 Informal atmosphere
 We will discuss grammar while most other 1102 classes will
 All of your feedback will be appreciate and considered for
future coursework
Tentative Course Schedule
Unit 0- ENC1101 Review
No major essay for this unit
Unit 1- Exploratory Narrative
Review important ENC1101 material
Start thinking of possible research topics
Lean how to conduct secondary research & work with licensed databases
Use reading with and against the grain to better understand a text
Use exploratory and reflective writing to deepen your understanding of an issue
Exploratory Narrative due 2/15
Unit 2- Research Proposal
Formulate determinate research questions to focus your study
Learn APA formatting style
Define what problems/questions remain unanswered for you topic
Research Proposal due 3/1
Tentative Course Schedule
 Unit 3- Informative Article
 3/2-4/5
 Goals:
Learn and conduct original primary research
Use primary research to support an argument
Use visual rhetoric, document design, and style factors to match a
particular type of writing
 Informative Article due 4/5
 Unit 4- Classical Argument
 4/6 to 5/1
 Goals:
Create a clear, credible, original, and arguable thesis
Learn strategies for addressing and refuting counterarguments
Synthesize and utilize secondary sources to support an argument
 Classical Argument due 5/1
Major Essays Overview
 Major Essay 1: Exploratory Narrative
 The only open form prose assignment we will have in this class, the exploratory narrative
will introduce you to conducting secondary research on your own and show your
progression of thought as you gain deeper insight on your chosen topic.
 Major Essay 2: Research Proposal
 The shortest of the major essays, the research proposal will ask for approval to conduct
research on your chosen topic. A very important genre for science majors and for
conducting your own research.
 Major Essay 3: Informative Article
 The informative essay will ask you to conduct original primary research you create on your
own and ask you to present that information in the genre and style of a professional
publication of your choice.
 Major Essay 4: Classical Argument
 Our final essay, the classical argument will ask you to present an original thesis or solution
to the problem related to your chosen topic. Similar to the synthesis essay from ENC1101,
you will draw on secondary research to support your claim. The genre that will likely be
most similar to the writing you have to do throughout the rest of your undergraduate
 No final exam, midterm, or cumulative exam of any kind.
Unit 0 Schedule
 1/12-Intro to 1102
 Goals:
 Learn about class expectations and policies
 Begin looking for possible research topics
 1/14-Rhetoric review
 Goals:
 Review most important concepts from ENC1101
 Use the believing and doubting game to deepen your understanding
of an issue
 1/16-Intro to Research
 Goals:
 Learn vocabulary for talking about research
 Use source evaluation criteria to analyze a text
What interests you?
 All research topics should be issues that are:
 Contemporary
 Contentious
 Complex
 You are encouraged to look for topics related to
 Your major
 Current events
 New developments in research
 First and foremost, pick something that interests you!
Successful past topics
Technology in schools
Effects of technology on language
Student loan debt
Psychological effects of video games
Censorship/coverage in the media
Rape prevention and culture
Women’s rights issues
Efficacy of online classes
Government invasion of privacy
Police corruption and reform
Athletes and steroid usage/regulations
Global warming and CO2 emissions
Ethics of stem cell research
Costs and effects of prison in the US
Topics to Avoid
 Abortion
 Gun control
 Assisted suicide/euthanasia
 Gay marriage/adoption
 Capital punishment
 Changing the legal drinking age
 Legalization of marijuana
 Legalization of prostitution
Short Write
 Focus: possible research topics
 Based on our class discussion, enumerate and discuss one or
more ideas you have for possible research topics. Be sure to
 What interests you in this topic?
 What are the unresolved questions or problems related to this
 What is your stance on this issue?
 How and where might you get more information about this issue?
 Respond to this prompt in essay form and in complete sentences
 For this introductory assignment, two paragraphs will suffice
 Read syllabus
 Acquire Allyn & Bacon (A&B) textbook
 Acquire journal/composition book
 Continue thinking about possible research topics!