Week 15

April 20-24
Important dates to keep in mind:
April 25 – Community Service Day – turn in permission forms
May 4-6 – EOC Milestone testing
May 15 – due date for Exam Exemption forms to be turned in by 3:30
May 20-21 – final exams
We are finishing the play Romeo and Juliet this week. We will finish the semester
by reading the Odyssey by Homer which is in your textbook.
After this week, we have four more weeks of school.
This week:
Monday – reading quiz Romeo and Juliet Act 4 and Act 5
Thursday – Summative assessment on the play Romeo and Juliet – Socratic seminar
Friday – Vocabulary unit 10 quiz
Monday, 4/20
Vocabulary unit 10 – “Choosing the Right Word” p. 131-132
Reading quiz for Acts 4 and 5
Romeo and Juliet – review crossword puzzle
Romeo as a tragic hero – handout
View Act 4 and Act 5
HW: Complete pg. 118-120 Vocabulary Review units 6-9 and syn. and ant. for unit 10 pg.
Tuesday, 4/21
Vocabulary unit 10- “Completing the Sentences”
Prepare questions and research answers for Socratic seminar – Shakespeare’s use of the
rhetorical device: Pathos
HW: Complete pg. 121, 125 of Vocabulary Review units 6-9. Study unit 10 words.
Wednesday, 4/22
Vocabulary unit 10 – create a R.A.F.T. for Romeo and Juliet
Prepare for summative assessment by relating responses to real life – How does age
shape our perspective of love? Is it necessary to maintain a balance between emotion
and reason?
HW: Study unit 10 words.
Thursday, 4/23
Vocabulary unit 10 – illustrate and present the vocabulary word
Romeo and Juliet summative assessment – Socratic seminar
HW: Vocabulary unit 10 quiz tomorrow – be ready!
Friday, 4/24
Vocabulary unit 10 quiz
Background information for the Odyssey by Homer
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