I have Anti-semitism. Who has the event that occurred when the

I have Anti-semitism.
Who has the event that occurred when the Japanese marched 70,000 Filipino and American soldiers 60 miles to
a prison camp.
Who has The Bataan Death March?
Who has the “lightning war”- a type of fast-moving warfare used by German forces used by German forces
during WWII used land and air.
I have blitzkrieg.
Who has the international organization formed in 1920 (after WWI) to promote cooperation and peace among
I have the League of Nations?
Who has the policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations. The US entered into
this policy after WWI?
I have isolationism.
Who has the first and second cities to be hit by atomic bombs in Japan?
I have Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Who has the 1942 WWII battle between the United States and Japan, a turning poin in the war in the Pacific
where the US gained the advantage?
I have the Battle of Midway.
Who has the Allied invasion of the beaches at Normandy that allowed the allies to fight the Germans in France.
I have D-Day.
Who has a government controlled by one person or a small group of people.
I have dictatorship.
Who has a policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically/socially/economically,
esp. through colonialism
I have imperialism.
Who has the Nazi dictator of Germany, born in Austria
I have Adolf Hitler.
Who has the first of 2 revolutions in Russia in 1917 which resulted in the end of the Tsars reign.
I have the February Revolutions.
Who has the legislative body of Russia?
I have the Duma.
Who has the American navy’s method of attacking islands one by one in the Pacific?
I have island-hopping.
Who has the deliberate killing of a large group of people?
I have genocide.
Who has the archduke Austria Hungary who was assassinated and his death triggered WWI?
I have Franz Ferdinand.
Who has the secret research and development of the first US atomic bomb?
I have the Manhattan Project.
Who has the Native Americans from the Navajo tribe that used their own language to make a code for the U.S.
military that the Japanese could not decipher.
I have the Navajo Code Talkers.
Who has the Treaty that ended WWI?
I have the Treaty of Versailles.
Who has the new method of warfare used in WWI?
I have trench warfare.
Who has the word for German submarines?
I have U-boats.
Who has the coded message sent by Germany to try to get Mexico to attack the US during WW1?
I have the Zimmerman Telegram.
Who has the American General who fought in North Africa and Europe?
I have George Patton.
Who has the group that was led by Lenin in Russia?
I have the Bolsheviks.
Who has the idea that giving into Hitler’s demands would stop a war from happening?
I have appeasement.
Who has the policy which included removing former Nazis from positions of authority in government, industry,
and education?
I have denazification.
Who has the position of not taking sides in a conflict/ Wilson attempted to keep the US neutral during WWI?
I have neutrality.
Who has the series of proposals in which U.S. president Woodrow Wilson outlined a plan for achieving a
lasting peace after WWI?
I have the 14 points.
Who has the American base in Hawaii that was bombed by Japanese planes on December 7, 1941?
I have Pearl Harbor.
Who has Hitler’s proposed plan to destroy all the Jews in Europe?
I have the Final Solution.
Who has the agreements between nations to aid and protect one another/when countries are friends?
I have alliances.
Who has prison camps established by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party for Jews and other prisoners during the
I have concentration camps.
Who has papers sold to American people to raise money for the war efforts?
Who has Liberty Bonds?
Who has the British passenger liner that was sunk by Germany and pushed the US into entering WWI?
I have the Lusistania.
Who has a policy of glorifying military power and keeping a standing army always prepared for war/the
building up of arms?
I have militarism.
Who has the mass slaughter of Jews and other minorities, carried out by the Nazi government of Germany
before and during WWII?
I have the Holocaust.
Who has the strong feeling of pride in/devotion to one’s country/ the belief that different ethnic groups should
have their own political nation?
I have nationalism.
Who has the 1938 meeting between the British/French/German leaders in which Germany was given control of
the German chunk of Czechoslavakia?
I have the Munich Conference
Who has the process of forcing Russian culture on all ethnic groups in the Russian empire?
I have Russification.
Who has the coup d’etat by the Bolsheviks under Lenin that led to a period of civil war which ended in victory
for the Bolsheviks.
I have the October Revolutions.
Who has a policy that the Germans announced which stated that their submarines would sink any ship in the
British waters?
I have unrestricted submarine warfare.
Who has a 1944-1945 battle in which allied forces turned back the last major German offensive of World War II?
I have the Battle of the Bulge.
Who has the Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state in the
Soviet Union?
I have Joseph Stalin
Who has Anti-Jewish prejudice?