Notetaking – On Lookout for Aquatic Invaders book

Write a sentence about how your species has spread.
6) What does your species eat? ___________________________________________
7) Does it compete with and native species? ________________________________
If yes, list which ones. ____________________________________________
8) What is the habitat that your species lives in? ______________________________________
In the box below draw a picture of its habit and any plants, animals, or other creatures
that would also be found there that it might eat or compete with. (include your species)
Name: ________________________
Invasive Species
The purpose of this worksheet is to help you organize the information you collect about the invasive
species animal that you choose to research.
1) Circle the invasive species that you are researching:
red eared slider turtle
2) In the boxes below draw and color TWO pictures of your invasive species. Draw one view looking
down and one profile looking from the side.
Top View
3) What part of the world is you invasive species
originally from?
Continent: _____________________________
Region: _______________________________
States: _______________________________
Side View
4) Below: Shade in green colored pencil the area where
your species originally came from. Shade in red where
your species in now living.
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