Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia
Katherine Paterson
1. primly – precise or proper; formal, neat, trim
2. pandemonium – a place characterized by uproar and noise,
3. repulsive – disgusting, tending to repel or drive off
4. consolation – something that consoles or comforts in time of
grief, relief, solace, support
5. regicide – the killing of a king, one who kills the king
6. speculation – a conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by
7. dregs – the sediment of a liquid, trash, a small amount, residue
8. complacent – self satisfied, content, smugness, unworried,
9. sporadically – occurring at irregular intervals, having no
pattern, widespread, once in a while
10. liberated – to set free, to release, freethinking, open-minded
11. consciousness – capable of thought, realization, notice
12. retrieved – to get back, regain, fetch, recover, rescue, reclaim
13. piteously – pathetic, compassionate, sadly, heartbreakingly
Journal responses
After Ch. 1 – 4
1. When Jess meets Leslie, he isn’t sure if she is a girl
or a boy. Do you think boys and girls can be good
2. Is Jess motivated by a sense of fairness or by his
anger at Gary when he stand up for Leslie at the
running races?
3. Jess writes about football as a hobby, but he really
hates it. Why do students sometimes act this way and
hide their real interests?
Fantasy Animal
1. Click on the link above to bring you to Google.
2. Once there, type in “elfwood”
3. Then click on link for fantasy art/animals.
Journal Response
After Ch. 5 - 8
1. What do you think of Leslie’s plan to
get even with Janice Avery?
2. Do you think Jess wants May Belle to
have a Barbie doll because he really cares
about her or because he feels guilty for
leaving her out?
3. What do you think of the rule at Lark
Creek Elementary about not mixing
troubles at home with school?
Journal Response
After Ch. 9 - 13
1. When is it okay to be afraid?
2. Do you think Jess needs a gut
Washington, D.C.
Plan a tour of Washington, D.C.
Jess goes to visit Washington D.C. for a day. If you were Jess’s
tour guide, what would you do?
You need to plan a day’s worth of activities
starting at 8 A.M. and ending at 8 P.M.
Don’t forget to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner
Include how long you will spend on each activity
Fill out appropriate sheet then print (click to link)
You may include pictures
Use the following sites to help find your information: click on each picture
to bring you to a different site.
Story Quilt
• After you have finished reading the book, each
student( yes, that means you) will have to draw a
picture, an image, or a scene from the book on
your quilt square.
• You must get your rough copy checked by your
reading teacher.
• You may use watercolors or colored pencils on
your final copy.
Book Review
Write a book review about Bridge to
 Should be at least ½ page typed and
should include detailed information and
 Be specific – characters, setting, etc…