AP Unit 1 Study Guide

AP Government Study Guide Ch. 1-5
Ch. 1 Introduction
-Youth Participation in the U.S
-Political Theories of Michael Delli Carpine and Scott Keeter
-Forms of Political Participation
-Linkage Institutions
-Public Policies
-Policy Agenda
-Democratic and Constitutional Principles: Majority Rule, Minority Rights, Popular
Sovereignty, egalitarianism, individual freedom, Separation of Powers, Social Contract, etc.
-Hyperpluralist Theory
-Balance of power theory
-pluralist theory
-bureaucratic theory
-policy gridlock
-political culture
-Wayne Baker culture war theory
-public goods
-Budget of United States
-challenges to democracy
Ch. 2 History
-Thomas Jefferson
-French and Indian War and resulting shift of British government
-Declaration of Independence
-Locke’s Philosophy’s
-Articles of Confederation- Weaknesses
-Annapolis Meeting
-Philadelphia Constitutional Convention
-New Jersey Plan
-Virginia Plan
-Connecticut Compromise
-Madisonian System
-Federalist and Anti-Federalist
-Federalist Papers
-John Marshall Decision Marbury v Madison
Ch. 3 Federalism
-Supremacy Clause
-Unitary governments
-10 amendment
-McCulloch v. Maryland
-Enumerated powers
-Implied Powers
-Full faith and credit clause
-Fiscal Federalism
-Types of Grants
-Cooperative Federalism
-Dual Federalism
-Intergovernmental relations
-Republican and Democrats approach to Federalism (1990s)
-Unitary Systems
-Defense against Marriage Act
-No Child left behind
Ch. 4: Civil Liberties and Public Policy
-Civil Liberties
-Bill of Rights (memorized)
-Barron v Baltimore
- Establishment Clause
-Free-excise clause
-Symbolic Speech
-Know the Court Cases Associated With Bill of Rights
Ch. 5 Civil Rights and Public Policy
-Supreme Court Cases classifications on Race, Gender, and Age
-Dred Scott v Sanford
-13 amendment; 14 Amendment; 15 amendment; 24 amendment; equal protection amendment
-Grandfather clause
-White Minorities
-Defense Against Marriage Act;
-Brown v Topeka Board of Education
-Civil Rights Amendments
-Civil Rights Acts and Voters Right Acts; Suffrage
-Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission
-Hernandez v Texas
-Title IX of Education Act 1972
-American with Disabilities Act 1990
-Adarand Constructors v Pena
-Parents Involved in Community Schools v Seattle School District No.